How Do You Get A Job As A Water Boy In The NFL?

Americans consider baseball as their number one sport, but in reality, football takes the lead in the domain of sports and as an international pastime. Millions of spectators widely enjoy football in the sports lands, which has transcended and embedded into a global culture. Like the Super Bowl, the NFL is gradually dominating the world of television as it is considered a much look-forward virtual holiday. They have become a ritual for most enthusiasts worldwide and have brought together multiple communities. Football leagues have changed the dynamics of football overall as it involves cutthroat competition, excitement, and overwhelming performance, including celebrities who play exceptionally. NFL has become a top sports league which is why every trivial job related to NFL has been considered a dream job for sports fanatics. Due to the league’s immense popularity, many supporters want to take hold of different positions on the field, such as referees, umpires, helpers, ball boys, and even water boys.

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Becoming a water boy for the NFL may not sound as exciting as it appears, but this job is associated with many benefits, monetarily and otherwise. It can help young enthusiasts to come under the radar of experienced managers, supervisors, team administrators, and even athletes. Water boy is someone who has efficiently worked on the field, providing and distributing water on the sidelines for athletes. Their job is to ensure the athletes are entirely hydrated so their performance is up to the mark. They also provide towels and jackets and assist them in basic tasks for the coaches and players on the field. Some NFL water boys also get used clothing accessories such as jerseys and jockstraps. NFL water boys Make a decent living by receiving financial benefits and other facilities. Some young enthusiasts pursue their careers in being a water boy for professional growth and increased opportunity in the domain of sports. They are mostly college and high school sidelines, and water boys can be a crossroads between the equipment crew and training crew. If the quarterbacks are thirsty during the game, the boys must be readily available for them on the sideline and should keep track of other players as well. While their job may sound insignificant, they are an essential source and part of the game. This job comes with a demanding set of skills and the preparation expected from the water boys.

How Do You Get A Job As A Water Boy In The NFL?

To get a job as a water boy in the NFL, you need to have a high school education, good communication skills and ability to check NFL website internship openings regularly.

Getting a job as a water boy in the NFL may not come easy. But, it can be effortless to qualify for the job regarding educational qualifications. You need a high school certificate. Sadly, having this doesn’t guarantee employment. Getting the job depends highly on your connections and referrals. Because the water boy in the NFL works close to superstar athletes, there are limited slots for this job. Highly competitive to get employed.

As an individual looking to apply as a water boy in the NFL, you need to have good communication skills, be spontaneous, observant, and have managerial skills. Apply for internship openings. Visit the NFL website regularly not to miss application openings and deadlines.

How Much Does A Waterboy Earn In The NFL?

Most individuals who work as a waterboy in NFL can earn as much as most big jobs. The salary is very decent and has room for promotion. Water boy interns earn around $35,000 per year, while waterboys earn an average of $53,000 per year.

This means most highly qualified and experienced professional waterboys earn much more than this yearly. But, compared to the NBA waterboy’s salary, there is a slight difference in pay. NBA waterboys earn an average of $58,000 yearly and as high as $100,000 per year.

How Much Do Waterboys Make Per Game?

Water boys are paid reasonably well. A waterboy’s salary may be $100 per game but could be more than a professional waterboy’s.

The NFL teams do not hire water boys officially. These people are either on their training spree or interns within the organization. In some scenarios, coaches and players will sometimes have their children volunteer for the respective organization. Water boys are professional young men who take jobs quite seriously. Because of this, NFL water boys make an average of $53,000 per year. Aside from the financial benefits, they also get other conveniences such as free gear and souvenirs from players. They are the only people in the field who have direct access to celebrities. They are considered a significant part of the training crew. The amount of money for the yearly package varies from team to team and the popularity in the sports domain. Water boys are expected to be on full alert, physically active, and mentally focused during the game as they are in direct interaction with the players. Any negligence on their part may negatively influence overall and annoy the players. Obtaining a water boy position in NFL may appear glamorous and attractive, but the jobs are pretty limited, and the competition is fierce. Nevertheless, sports enthusiast can still make their way into the NFL league by beginning their profession as a water boy.

To secure a position as a Water boy in the NFL, it is imperative to have essential connections and associations in the professional football domain. By communicating with college coaches and high school sports mentors, you can ask them to put in a good words and push young enthusiasts to make their way into the NFL. This requires young individuals to have an impressive background that includes a criminal-free record and dedication and commitment. The individuals need to be active and fully immersed in co-curricular activities to leave a good impression in front of the coaches and the professional supervisors. Politely introduce yourself and place your wish to be a part of the NFL team forward to the coaches. Based on their connections with the team, the local coaches can help if they know the right people on the NFL team. This can expedite the hiring process, and a positive impression can make the resume appear more intelligent. In addition to that, try visiting the NFL website regularly. The team link under the jobs category may take you to the right spot on the official website. Select the internship and entry-level positions on the website, which are available on the side of the page. Apply for the role after selecting the highlighted link at the bottom of the page. Attach your professional resume and the cover letter, which positively verifies your qualifications and enthusiasm for the position as a water boy. You can also add in your previous experience and qualifications and your skillset to impress the management. Go to the teamwork online website and select a football link available at the top of the homepage. You could also choose NFL teams as per your preference from the provided list. Click on the given link and gather more understanding on how to apply for the particular position. You can also apply for any other jobs listed on the homepage.

Water boys receive money per year, but some interns only get a stipend. Some of the water boys also work for free to gain experience and opportunity. The annual pay for the NFL water boys depends on the level of skill set, qualification, previous experience, and the actual rate of individual NFL teams. For too many people, especially sports fanatics, being an NFL water boy is not an ordinary job; it includes face-to-face interaction and communication with celebrities and football players, which is a bonus. They are paid to give football players regular hydration service during the game, which involves direct contact. NFL employees, however, are entitled to benefits and compensations, but there is no confirmation on benefits and rewards for NFL water boys. Some employees also receive two complimentary tickets per year for each employee on some NFL teams. Despite working directly on the sports field, there are certain negatives to being an NFL water boy. They are considered of less significance in the hierarchy of importance.

Similarly, the water boys for the NBA make around $58,000 per year. This is again personalized and based on individual talents, and personal experience; similar to the NFL, the water boys in the NBA are also part of the team’s training staff. They also assist the players in getting ample hydration during the game and help players in physical exercises, training, game prep, and rehab. Water boys need to be physically fit and active because this job requires the individuals to be at their feet at all times in training and during practice. The position is also demanding as individuals may also need to work at night.

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