How Do you Get Adidas To Sponsor You?

Brand sponsorship or affiliation is defined as a type of marketing strategy in which a particular brand develops ties by supporting an event, an individual, a celebrity, or even an organization. These brands are conspicuous in most of the events, organizations, football games, and nonprofit events. It is an important concept in the field of marketing that results in quantifiable and long-lasting productive results. Brands that connect with different partners help them to reach the target market. It boosts sales and increases the production of a particular brand. Some famous events like the Olympics, Formula One, and the FIFA World Cup have a vast audience base. Different companies or brands associate and link themselves with players, coaches, and authorities. The goal of this partnership and strategy is to accumulate recognition, reputation, and increase the sale base among different parts of the world. We can teach brand sponsorship in various events that include music concerts, festivals, charities, sports events, fitness activities, and art performances.

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How Do You Get Adidas To Sponsor You?

To get Adidas to sponsor you, your team, or you as an individual sportsman need to win a competition or show any extraordinary result. An individual may be required to meet guidelines to obtain an Adidas sponsorship. You may apply through a direct proposal, sports and entertainment sponsorships, sponsorships for excellence, or sponsorships with a social policy purpose to get the Adidas sponsorship.

Sports sponsorship is an influential and valuable category of marketing that deals with advertising a respective brand. It consists of an alliance between companies acting as a sponsor and a sports club or event which is the sponsee. The main goal and objective of the sponsor is to boost product familiarity and increase customer loyalty by linking the brand with a particular individual or general event on a large scale basis. Big brands have invested a lot of money and creativity by putting in the effort to sponsor campaigns for teams and celebrities around the world. The reason why brands are interested in sports sponsorship is because of the popularity and recognition of the events. Sports enthusiasts and fanatics are found everywhere globally, so it is an ideal platform to emphasize the brand as a large group of people are brought together for a sporting event. The more prominent sports event is, the more attention and media coverage these events get. It is an exemplar kind of proposal and an attractive prospect for international brands and for those who are building their place in the international market domain.

One of the prominent brands, Adidas, is reasonably involved in sponsoring celebrities and sportsmen. Adidas has promoted its brand by developing sponsorship with athletes, celebrities, and famous sports organizations such as FIFA. However, Adidas is also generous enough to develop associations with less popular organizations, especially those with a charitable or a profitable background. Individuals and sports organizations can benefit from Adidas sponsorship by submitting sponsorship proposals as Adidas has always been active when it comes to sports sponsorship. Similar to Puma, Adidas has a background linked with Adidas AG group in Germany and is also the official ball carrier for the previous two World Cup seasons. Adidas is not only linked to football only but is also seen supporting a wide variety of sports such as tennis, golf, cricket, baseball, and hockey


How Many Athletes Are Sponsored By Adidas?

Many athletes have been sponsored by Adidas and are associated with many footballers. Footballers like Gerd Muller, Oliver Kahn, Philipp Lahm, David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Zinedine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer, Iker Casillas e.t.c. are just a few of the famous players who the German organization has previously sponsored.

Adidas’ reach extends beyond soccer; athletes such as Rohit Sharma, James Harden, Damian Lillard, Sania Mirza, and Chris Gayle have excelled in their respective sports thanks to its sponsorship.

What Famous Athletes Are Sponsored By Adidas?

Adidas has always been connected with some of the biggest names in football, from David Beckham to Lionel Messi, Zinedine Zidane, Mohamed Salah, e.t.c. Adidas has sponsored these famous athletes. Adidas is not simply associated with superstar individuals; the distinctive three-stripe design is also closely associated with some of the world’s most successful club and international teams.

The Leading figures from the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and the Bundesliga are famous clubs and supporters of the classic designs by the Adidas brand. Adidas boots are worn by legends from Liverpool, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, and Barcelona.



Adidas has maintained its roots as one of the go-to sports brands and is taking lead by maintaining its edge in the rapidly growing saturated industry. In order to be a part of Adidas sponsorship, there are particular directives, guidelines, and proposals in order to receive backing and support from Adidas through sponsorship.

Direct proposal

All the information regarding the Adidas sponsorship is mentioned on their official website. The sponsorship requests and the proposals are directly sent to the sports marketing department. The Adidas representatives in the marketing department return and answer back to the proposal requests by different companies or individuals. Companies are not allowed to put forward sponsorship conditions or require particular information.

Sports and Entertainment sponsorships

Adidas is most famous for individual sponsorship particularly focused on famous athletes. In the year 2014, Adidas focused its brand sponsorship strategy on football prodigies like David Beckham and basketball marvel Dwight Howard. Adidas has also been seen dealing partnership with Kate Perry and performers such as Cyclops. Non-athletes entertainers such as The Like, B.O.P, and Busy P are also fortunate ones to receive Adidas sponsorship. Adidas has also backed many outstanding organizations such as the 2008 and 2012 Olympic committee, The Boston marathon, and the NBA.

Three fundamental ideologies for sponsorship – success, excellence, and celebrity
The reason why Adidas promotes individuals and different organizations is clearly explained on their official website. Adidas symbolizes brilliance and that is why it promotes teamwork and other constructive qualities such as honesty, pride, and loyalty. In the domain of sports, excellence is usually linked with success and well-known celebrities but their underlying objective revolves around sensibility, practicality, and behavioral aspects. There is a clear association between celebrity and sales as the amount of profit received in a business increases and surpasses the entire cost involved in sponsorship.

Sponsorship with a social policy purpose

Adidas is also a keen supporter of disaster relief and a profitable organization for a public beneficial cause. On the official website, there are different projects initiated by Adidas to provide education grants and support in Pakistan. Similarly, they have also partnered with a German organization to help and provide financial aid to people with disabilities. Suppose you are a non-athlete or a non-celebrity and looking for Adidas sponsorship. In that case, the organization needs to highlight the social cause to be eligible for its support and equal sponsorship benefits. Adidas grant financial relief if it is a socially engaged organization that focuses on benefiting local and international communities.

In addition to providing benefits to the local communities, the concept of sponsorship benefits the brands equally as well. The visibility of a particular brand dramatically increases if amalgamated with an event. Sales are augmented and a larger audience shows interest in that particular brand aligned with an event or any organization. The outside exposure of the event results in publicity and awareness of the brand as it also receives unlimited media attention because of a connection with a celebrity. Despite all the effort, the brand needs to ensure that sponsorship is successful in the end. The branch should let its presence be highlighted throughout the event. Merely attaching the brand name to an event or a celebrity would not do the job however the brands need to create noticeable encounters with the help of product samplings or other interesting incentives for the audience. Brands such as Pepsi, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Puma, and Reebok are taking the lead in sponsorship marketing strategy by associating themselves with a list of celebrities on multiple occasions.

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