How Do I Turn Off The Alarm On My Armitron All Sport Watch?

Watches, handbags, and shoes are great investment fashionable pieces that elevate the entire look of even a simple shirt and jeans ensemble. However, if you are looking to boost your overall confidence as well as searching for a sentimental heirloom deciding on the right kind of watch can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Nowadays, an infinite variety of advanced and state-of-the-art technological and digitalized smartwatches are stylish and admirable when it comes to tracking life health data, keeping an eye on physical activities, and telling the time. Watches such as Armitron sports watches are the ultimate definition of fashionable accessories focused mainly on design and practicality.

Watch and fashion enthusiasts take ample time to select the perfect timepiece. One of the main hurdles faced is analyzing and evaluating the ideal brand, as watch users are very particular about their brands and features. Many customers are aware that not every brand is reliable and trustworthy therefore taking extra time deciding on a quality watch. With an infinite number of brands available in the fashion market, Armitron watches are currently the top choice of users having the largest market in the United States of America and for multiple reasons. The Armitron All-Sport watch is available for both men and women and falls under a decent budget of $20 in 2010. In addition to clearly highlighting the current time, the Armitron all sport watch has a dual purpose as it includes a timer and an alarm. Users need to adjust and amend settings rightly, customize them according to personal preferences, and use them efficiently.

Armitron All Sport Watch

The Armitron watch was founded in 1965 by Eugen Gluck and is currently accommodating its buyers with plenty of timepieces collection that is an epitome of style, comfort, and elegance. Their versatility includes showcasing panache and the practical capacity of watches, due to which their popularity is growing every day. Apart from its appealing features, the affordability of the price range is its highlighting aspect. The headquarters of Armitron is currently stationed in New York and has a growing market in the United States of America. The brand is well known as LED-powered and consists of five functions of the digital task. The term ‘five positions’ refers to the power, minutes, seconds, day, and lastly, the date functionality, quickly approved by the watch. The name Armitron is divided into Armin and electronics. Historically the popularity of Armitron began importing cases from Switzerland as well as Hong Kong. The pieces were then handcrafted and put together in Arlington, Texas.

The Armitron Pro-sport digital watches are bold, durable, and built to move quickly, making them exceptionally user-friendly. It offers a variety of sporty accents to purchase from. One of the standard functions of the sports watch includes timing, stopwatches, and clocks to make sure personalized goals are met and accomplished. It is water-resistant to 330 feet and has a range of multi-colored displays, soft-touch resin straps, chrome bezels, and silver-tone buckle closures for the ultimate experience. It is ideal for hikers, mountain climbers, and enthusiasts as they can take the watch on the mountain track. It is specially equipped with a barrel meter that guides the atmospheric pressure so you can estimate upcoming storms. The user-friendly temperature readout and the presence of an altimeter are considered essential for climbers, therefore, allowing hikers and mountain trackers to keep up with their track easily. The Armitron AD/1011 Is exceptionally equipped with a World Time feature that allows users to connect to different time zones. With the added part of five alarms, a stopwatch, and 8-lap memory, the users can track their time, goals, and the whole way they have covered. The big dial is easy to read and highly efficient, making it a perfect accessory for serious athletes.

How Do I Turn Off The Alarm On My Armitron All Sport Watch?

To turn off the alarm on your Armitron all sports watch, you may:

  • Press and hold the reset button simultaneously with the stop button for a few seconds until you hear a sound indicating the alarm is switched off.
  • Afterward, on the alarm, repeat the action to switch the alarm back on when you need to, and the watch will beep to indicate the alarm is on. A small icon shows on the bottom of the watch’s screen when the alarm is switched on, but the icon will disappear when the alarm is off.

The button on the top left is the reset button, the button on the bottom left is the mode button while the button on the top right is the Stop/start button and the button on the bottom right is the LED button.

How Do I Change My Armitron Watch To Military Time?

To change your Armitron Watch to Military time, you may:

  • Press the reset button on the top left corner of the watch,
  • Press the mode button located at the bottom left, press it six times to enter the 12 or 24 hours mode, then
  • Press the stop/start button located on the top right of the watch to choose which time mode wanted. Time mode is usually 24 hours.
  • After selecting the military time, press the reset button again to end the selection sequence.

An example will be 1:00 pm, we know the time one o’clock represents noon, but when it comes to military time, the time is told as 13:00 because from noon, the following hours will be counted as 13, 14, 15, e.t.c.

How Do You Reset A Armitron All Sport Watch?

To reset an Armitron All sports watch, you may:

  • Press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds on the top left corner of the Armitron watch.
  • Press the start/stop button to zero the seconds
  • Press the mode button to select between the hours and minutes.
  • Now whichever is selected, either hour or minutes. Use the start/stop button to increase the numbers.
  • Once the desired time is placed, press the reset button again to complete the setting.




The Armitron’s solar-powered analog watch with black stainless steel bracelet is another flawless design of the brand, which has a unique style and exceptional characteristics. It has a dark matte dial with white numerals with a touch of red detailing for easy follow-up. The bracelet strap on the watch has a sleek one-touch buckle. We can quickly charge the watch in the sun as it is solar-powered or through any other type of illumination. The total power of the watch can last up to four months which is hugely beneficial and a jaw-dropping feature. It is available in simple yet chic designs that balance its digital technology. Another solar-powered analog watch with light gray and tan nylon strap offers similar stylish looks for an outdoor evening or an adventure. It has a dial that characterizes Arabic numerals and can also last up to months.

To set the Armitron All Sport watch for your convenience and use, users need to know the basic programming of the mechanism. Locate the four metal buttons available next to the face of the watch at four corners present around the dial face. As for the user manual for the Armitron All Sport watch, the top buttons are referred to as left A, the bottom left as B, the top right button is known as C, and the bottom right is recognized as D. To change settings, that users need to press and hold the button to adjust the time, locations and date on the watch. The numbers available and seen on the face of the watch will start flashing and hold the C button to adjust the number of seconds. Pressing B will further advance settings to hours and minutes. However, pressing and holding the see will allow the reading to match the actual time. We can set the alarm by pressing B twice. Pressing C will change the activation status on both the notice and chime.

The standard Armitron watch collections include

  • 1. Dress watches
  • 2. Travel watches
  • 3. Casual watch
  • 4. Sport watches
  • 5. Night out watches
  • 6. Graffiti watches
  • 7. Pro Sport digital watches

Armitron has a good market reputation and is known as an inexpensive brand that falls under the category of mall watches. They are good enough to continue to sell high-end luxury sports and cater to the needs of everyone by providing an everyday, casual look. Similarly, the formal night-out watches are mainly designed to grant style and comfort to the users. By wearing such timepieces, the users’ confidence instantly boosts significantly for those who are sports enthusiasts and enjoy wearing timepieces. The sports watches are designed to be sweat and water-resistant to a particular level and have an adjustable strap, chronograph, digital displays, and are positively equipped with multi-function dials providing a lot more. The travel watches offered by Armitron are again water-resistant and are equipped with capabilities to ensure that the watches will remain durable and resilient to avoid any physical harm. The mechanisms are up to date and are aesthetically pleasing as well.

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