How Do I Make My Shoulders Wider?

It is a known fact that people who are often conscious about their physical shape, body configuration, structure, and size generally are more likely to consider body shaping genuinely. Men and women who aspire to have an appealing body and physical formwork hard to create muscle mass, lose body fat, and tone up their shape by burning calories, shrinking diet potion, and dedicating ample time to aerobics and exercising, and physical activities. Undoubtedly, lean body shapes, pronounced shoulders, focused muscles, and a low amount of fat in your body visually appears pleasing but requires a lot of hard work, staunchness, and sacrifice.

Despite aiming for a perfect body shape, certain features and characteristics of the body may make you look delicate and fragile. This is usually seen in those bodies with bony shoulders and a narrow structure. Unfortunately, no one can change the body’s natural body shape and form; however, there are several techniques and exercises to enhance and lift the shoulders by developing substantial muscle on top of the bones. This cannot be done overnight and require countless hours of dedication and commitment. Every individual body differs in size, shape, structure, and height, so it takes years to reach the desired shape of the shoulders and muscle mass, entirely depending on the workout regime’s physical condition, mental stamina, and intensity. Depending on the metabolism, some people may reach the target early to get rid of the bony look and shoulders.

How Do I Make My Shoulders Wider?

To make your shoulder wider, you need to do the following exercise:

  • Try the barbell shrug exercise
  • Seated rear lateral raise
  • Overhead shoulder press
  • Face pulls
  • Dumbbell front raise


How Do I Make My Shoulders Wider using a barbell shrug?

To make your shoulders wider, you can use classic weights, or you may use the barbell shrug in the following way:

  • Stand straight and firm on the ground with your feet spread apart.
  • Hold a bar in an overhand grip using both hands outside your thighs.
  • With your elbows and spine straight, raise your shoulders straight up.
  • Halt for 2-3 seconds afterward and lower the bar back to the start.

The muscle targeted is the trapezius, rhomboids, and upper back. Improvements can be seen in a few weeks or months if exercise is done at least 2 to 3 times per week for 20 minutes. The length and intensity of workouts, along with diets, influence results.

To make your shoulders wider use barbell shrug

How To Get Wider Shoulders Without Weights

To get wider shoulders without weights, use the following exercise:

  • Perform pushups: Pushups are one of the handiest and most adaptable bodyweight exercises since they can be done anywhere and in various ways. The shoulders, chest, back, triceps, and core muscles are targeted during pushups.
  • Straight Arm Circle: This improves your shoulder range of motion and mobility.
  • Wide-grip pull-ups: Pull-ups are an excellent alternative to practicing with your body weight. Pull-ups simultaneously engage the shoulder muscles, arm muscles, and back muscles. Using a comprehensive grip help with shoulder work.
  • Pike pushups work on the upper body and core muscles with your body weight. If you practice pike-style pushups, you may need to target your shoulder muscles.

How Do I Make My Shoulders Less Bony?

To make your shoulders less bony, you may:

  • Exercise: The deltoids are three muscles that make up the shoulder. You may need to follow the deltoid-building exercise plan to strengthen your shoulder muscles and make the shoulder less bony. There are many workouts available such as the front shoulder press, dumbbell shrug, pushups, e.t.c.
  • Have Good Diet: Eating well and increasing your calorie intake is one technique to build muscle and conceal your thin shoulders. You don’t need to limit calories if you want to gain muscle. Instead, one may eliminate unhealthy meal options such as processed meals, potato chips, and cookies.
  • Need Cardiovascular Training: A cardiovascular workout can help improve endurance and pose as the cornerstone of every effective fitness program. Continuous cardio exercise burns excess fat and provides the development of strong muscles. Exercise such as swimming, rope jumping, and rowing.



Every individual body is different because of a unique amalgamation of inborn genetic blueprint material and the presence of leisure pursuits and lifestyle choices preferred by men and women. Health experts and fitness fanatics generally recommend frequent strenuous activities, a balanced diet incorporating every category of food, plentiful sleep, and healthy habits overall to achieve an athletic body. Regardless of that, being in shape is determined by many factors that have no association with individual weight. An individual’s flexibility, heart rate, and ability to complete daily chores and tasks should be considered when talking about fitness level. Knowing such basic science can help analyze health and evaluate if there is something to be concerned about.

There are different categories of body types that every individual possesses. The primary step is to figure out the category and which one belongs. Bodies are labeled as endomorphs, ectomorphs, or mesomorphs. Understanding the significance of a body type can help guide a practical lifestyle and tips for a better body structure. If you are naturally thin or ectomorphs, you are likely to have a frailer bone structure with narrow shoulders. People with this body shape can broaden their shoulders with the help of basic exercises and weight gaining techniques.
Similarly, people with shorter collarbones can opt for a different path for stretching the shoulders. Many people believe broad shoulders with lean hips to be physically attractive and appealing—the shoulder to waist ratio, and the upper body are significant aspects of its physique. Similarly, men tend to be inclined towards broader shoulders because of their masculine characteristics. Women naturally have another glass hour physique as men tend to develop V tapered physique.

Shoulders can be transformed and enhanced to a certain extent, but one cannot change the entire bone structure as it is determined by genetics. This also includes the weight of the collar bones, the structure, and the critical part of the shoulder width. However, it does not mean that one cannot develop enhanced muscular should with regular exercise. We can apply different training methods and strategies to make shoulders strong, automatically making them look wider and physically pleasing. It includes proper working of the shoulders from the front, side, and back; therefore, it is essential to work on all the parts of the shoulders.

There should be a deliberate focus on the deltoids as they consist of three different sets of muscle fibers which include:

  • An anterior deltoid: This is the front of the shoulder
  • Immediate or lateral deltoid: This is the metal part of the shoulder
  • The posterior deltoid: This is the rear part of the shoulder.

Below is the exercise that can be performed regularly by the shoulders.

Seated rear lateral raise

This can be done while sitting on the edge of a bench with the help of dumbbells at the side. Bend forward and place the torso on the thighs by keeping the back flat. Slowly pull up the weights until elbows are at shoulder height; do 3 to 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps for effective results.

Seated rear lateral raise

Face pulls

Set the rope height according to the height of the chest. With a strong grip, hold the rope overhand and create tension. Sit back into the hips while pulling the cable towards you. Hold the rope towards the face and hold this position for a while before going back, as this will engage to deltoids and upper back.

Face pulls

Dumbbell front raise

This exercise requires the individual to stand up straight with dumbbells in each hand. The hands need to be in front of the chest with palms facing towards ties. Slightly bend in the elbow, keep the torso stationary and start by lifting the dumbbell gradually. Keep raising the arm until it is somewhat parallel to the floor. Slow return the arm to the beginning position.

Dumbbell front raise

Overhead shoulder press

Stand up straight and grip the dumbbells above the upper chest with hands above and wider than the shoulder width. Press the dumbbell straight up and towards the ceiling while keeping the elbows in.

Overhead shoulder press

Besides the detailed machinery-related exercises, it is essential to follow the proper diet. We should avoid unhealthy meal choices and follow high-intensity training workout regimes. Kettlebell swings are ideal for shoulder enhancement as they keep the shoulder blades moving in full motion. Barbell shrugs, bench presses, and deltoid raise should be religiously repeated for excellent results.

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