How Do You Do Cool Tricks On A Diving Board?


There are many reasons to love swimming and make it a part of a habitual routine. Swimming is a great way to burn extra calories, but it is also a fun way to exercise, indulge in physical activity, to have fun. If you are not a fan of the field-based sport, swimming is the right choice for water fans. It is a great way to boost energy and physical and mental stamina and augment social skills by interacting with different kinds of people in the pool. Swimming is a fast-paced, interactive sport advised mainly by doctors, physicians, and medical specialists because of its versatility and usefulness. Swimming provides multiple benefits, helps avoid cardiovascular diseases, and aligns the issue of joints, bones, and spine. It is a fantastic way to push and challenge yourself in terms of physical strength by quickly moving to the finish line. It also has a wide variety of sports as it involves many strokes and styles of swimming. It is low impact, so there is less strain and force on muscles and joints; therefore, older adults can also start this exercise at any age.


How Do You Do Cool Tricks On A Diving Board?

To perform incredible tricks on a diving board, try:

  • Cannonball-Give yourself a good pace, then the run up to the end of the diving board and launch your body into the air. Bring the knees to your face and wrap your hands around them; your body will take the shape of a big ball. This dive is guaranteed to make a huge splash.
  • Pencil drop– When you launch off the diving board, keep your body straight and your arms straight, just like a pencil. Your feet will be pointed at the water when you land.
  • Belly flop-Now this one will hurt a little but is still very fun. You dive off the board with your body facing the water, spread your arms and legs wide and get ready for a big splash.
  • The 360– This move is like combining the cannonball and pencil drop. Once you jump off the board, get your body shaped like you are about to perform a cannonball but spin forward and land like the pencil drop, feet first into the water. This trick is guaranteed to keep making people stare in admiration.

What Dive Makes The Biggest Splash?

Most dives create pretty huge splashes, but the one that makes the biggest will have to be the cannonball. When performing the cannonball, the body takes the form of a sphere, and when the sphere land in the water, it shoots water in different directions, and that impact makes one of the biggest splashes seen.

How Can I Improve My Swimming Dives?

For people to get better at things, they have to practice. Practice makes perfect. To improve your swimming dives, you need to keep practicing. To know if you are improving, making a video of yourself while diving and watching the video later will help you assess your improvement. This can be done on a soft surface like a trampoline or a bed for more challenging dives. Keep practicing and watching the videos of yourself, make adjustments when needed, and your dive will be better than ever.


Swimming offers a wide range of exciting strokes and styles, and swimmers can choose any type based on personal preference and convenience. On a competitive level, swimmers are expected to know all these strokes. Therefore, they have a strong familiarity with diving tips and techniques. The swimmers can execute many great different types, and each one of them has a distinct quality that others do not possess. The swimmers should always drive towards the deep-end pool to avoid injury and ensure a safe distance between themselves and the board to prevent serious harm. Pool jumping can provide lots of entertainment to the spectators and be a perfect way to have fun with the crowd. If you are looking to make a significant and loud splash in the water, there are plenty of techniques we can follow.

The classic cannonball

A cannonball, also known as the ‘bomb,’ is a famous diving style where the diver imitates the hug position and holds their knees securely. The diver then attempts to enter the water by making their body shape similar to a sphere creating a large splash. The diver needs to jump high on the diving board and bring the knees towards the chest by wrapping the arms around them. This position creates a huge splash, mainly if the jump is higher, the faster the diver will travel before hitting the water. The diver needs to form a tighter ball to get the perfect splash from the body.

The cannonballs make big splashes because of a scientific reason. When the body is shaped like a cannonball and hits the water, the body displaces water instantly. As the diver plunges into the water, the body’s moving force pushes the water away from all directions. As the diver goes down below the pool, the body makes an air cavity in the water. This cavity is similar in size to the body. As soon as the cavity is achieved, the pressure from the surrounding area allows the cavity to collapse in one direction. This happens in microseconds, and as a result, the cannonball produces a vast water splash.

The pencil

The pencil drop is contrary to the cannonball as it is likely to produce little or almost no splash. The difficulty level of the pencil drop is nearly zero. The diver needs to stand straight, drop the body vertically into the pool, and touch the bottom.

The diver can come back up and burst to the surface, creating a minor splash. The diver needs to keep the legs together and raise their arms over the head. We should point the toes straight and associate them together upward. The diver will achieve a good jump if the body is kept straight. The diver will plunge deep into the pool by following this technique but produce a minor splash. The pencil drop is about reaching the most profound depth and touching the pool floor.

Belly flop

The belly flops can be entertaining, but at the same time, it is expected to cause a minor injury or hurt the diver. This trick is associated with a trim level of pain as at the end of the dive; the diver experiences a rough landing. The divers are expected to lower their bodies at the end of the diving board facing the water with the body parallel to the water.

When the diver’s belly flops into the pool directly, the body has kinetic en, the energy of motion. When the diver falls flat onto the water, the kinetic energy is transformed as the body instantly loses speed when coming in contact with water which is why in most of the scenarios, there is a loud slapping sound that hurts at the end day. The kinetic energy is transformed into the water creating a huge splash and lots of waves. Some of the kinetic energy is also converted into heat on the skin, so the diver feels a bit of pain. Nevertheless, belly flops are not expected to cause a severe injury, but there is a risk associated with that. Abdominal injuries can also affect the liver, kidneys, etc.

Can opener

The can opener is executed when the diver stands straight with one leg out and holds the other to the chest. It can be a fun technique for the diver and the spectators.

The diver needs to lean back to about 35 degrees before jumping off the diving board. The diver jumps first into the water, so it is not for everyone. The amount of splash is almost second to none, but the difficulty level makes it less accessible to beginners. It is not advisable to practice without the required skill set and should be left to the professionals.

Flying squirrel

The diver is expected to jump off the diving board very high in a flying squirrel by extending the arms and bending the knees. The diver should hold the knees until impact, and if released early, the flying squirrel will not be executed properly. Divers can also perform somersaults in the midair resulting in a watery smackdown. Rolling in the midair can be pretty challenging and requires a lot of patience. To execute a somersault, divers need to leave some space by bending knees and hips before diving. Once in the air, try spinning by holding the knees tightly to the chest.

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