What Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear?

Volleyball is considered a healthy non-contact sport where two teams compete against each other by having three hits to pass the ball over the net. The teams are divided into six players, each segregated by a net. For those looking to enhance their social skills and creativity, volleyball is an ideal activity for recreational pursuits. However, it is also played on an international platform, particularly for competitive players. Team and beach volleyball are both Olympic sports and have competitive leagues. Professional volleyball requires fierce competition, dedication, and countless hours of physical training that involve agility, flexibility, and the ability to jump and run instantly. This sport is ideal for looking for a non-contact activity with fewer amounts of rough and strict rules. This game can accommodate all sorts of players and, at the same time, provide health benefits as well to people of all categories.

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What Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear?

Professional Volleyball players wear a two-piece uniform, which consists of a jersey to be worn on the upper body and a pair of shorts, also called spandex shorts (worn to cover the lower body). The jerseys are usually short-sleeved shirts or sleeveless shirts made of synthetic fiber.

Additionally, volleyball players also wear some standard pieces, which are unofficial but are considered wearable pieces of equipment, worn before or during matches; they include shoes, socks, kneepads, sweat pants, and sweat jackets.

What Should You Not Wear For Volleyball?

What you should not wear for volleyball:

  • Regular shorts may not be permitted during a game and should not be worn (while some coaches may allow the usage of regular shorts, most coaches do not let players in regular shorts).
  • Knee pads are not to be too high.
  • Players must not have any jewelry while playing because jewelry could cause injuries or harm other players. Any form of jewelry such as rings, bracelets, chains, or earrings needs to be taken off beforehand and secured safely.
  • Baggy clothes may not be too good for a volleyball game. Tight clothes are preferable because they are easier to move around with and comfier. You are advised to wear short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts.
  • Cotton socks are not allowed because these socks absorb moisture, which could be slow to dry quickly from players’ feet. Synthetic or acrylic socks are most preferably during games.
  • A shirt should be worn above the sports bra for female players to protect the stomach while diving.
  • Long hair or any hair that comes in contact with the face during a game may not be permitted. Players will need to pack up their hair to the back or pack it up into a ponytail. Bangs and fringes as well should be clipped to the back.

Are Volleyball Jerseys Supposed To Be Tight?

Yes, volleyball jerseys are to be tight and fitted. Tight clothes allow the players to move freely without any form of hindrance. According to the principle of aerodynamics, if the clothes are pretty large, this increases resistance.

valleyball uniform tight

The International Volleyball Association has issued a rule about jerseys that women’s volleyball teams from all countries are prohibited from wearing jerseys with loose-fitting at the Olympics and World Championships and further states that players are to put on tight shorts or tight-fitting sportswear. A rule of volleyball does not to allow players to touch the net. Clothes that are too loose may enable players to hit the net when blocking; however, tight clothes reduce the possibility of players feeling the net while blocking.

Volleyball has a reputation for being a friendly sport that has managed to entertain sports enthusiasts for a while. Whether you are playing professionally or passing the time with friends as a recreation, it is essential to acquire personal attire for the game. Wearing proper gear for volleyball may create convenience during the play and allow a feeling of mutual respect and team unity. Showing the right equipment, especially before commencing a new sport, makes the player confident and comfortable. Volleyball is not only ideal for its easy and flexible rules but is also user-friendly when it comes to suitable clothing. This sport does not require a plethora of equipment or gear. Essential gym attire with comfortable indoor shoes is all you need.

Athletic shoes

Any regular workout exercise or physical activity may only demand an old pair of running shoes; however, the players need to be careful while selecting the right pair of shoes for volleyball. Since this is a game that involves lateral movements and jumping throughout the court, special indoor professional shoes are required, complementing lots of running and jumping around. These shoes are designed to support forward, backward, and side-to-side movements and provide extraordinary cushioning for jumping and diving, which are the fundamentals of volleyball. Running shoes will make your feet appear lighter while moving forward. The sole of indoor shoes is tailored because of its good traction for instant pause and running action. In addition to that court, shoes are not high because they have lesser heel height than the other shoes. Due to this reason, such shoes provide more balance and stability to the player.

Upper wear

Most volleyball players prefer wearing an extremely tight t-shirt. This is because of the game strategy as players or players’ belongings, including the attire, are not supposed to touch the net during the game. Wearing a fitted t-shirt means fewer chances of receiving a foul or violating the basic rules. Depending on the specific league or team, the players are expected to wear unique colored or labeled t-shirts to promote or highlight the group.

Shorts or tights

Wearing fitted tights or shorts provides an excellent fit to the players and allows them to cover forward, backward conveniently, and side to side distances. Wearing loose or baggy attire may create hurdles in the running or jumping actions of the players. Fitted wear is also perfect for floor diving situations and helps in quick or sudden movements. Most women players usually prefer spandex shorts because of the heightened comfort level and support. Longer shorts such as mid-thigh are also popular among women, especially those who play volleyball for recreational purposes. Men, however, usually prefer comfortable board shorts over spandex.

Athletic and comfortable socks

Wearing comfortable and thick socks, especially for sports, is necessary because it can immediately deal with excessive sweating. Some socks are custom designed to prevent sweating as the material tends to absorb the feet sweat of the players. Such socks also priced chafing and blisters in the feet because of the excessive lateral movements involved in the game.


Since volleyball is all about jumping and running, we should well equip women with the necessary undergarments to support the chest area. One of the downsides of buying a sports bra is the unbearable expense; however, it can be a good investment as we can use it in other physical workout regimes and exercise. Wearing a sports bra will ensure comfort for the women players as they will only be focused on the game rather than worrying about their physical issues. The material of the sports bra is also thick and custom-designed to soak in the excess sweat during the game and other workouts. There are plenty of styles and materials to choose from, but comfort should be the foremost priority. A bra that is not too constraining will allow more room for an excellent high jump and grant comfort in running.

These are the fundamentals and basic requirements a volleyball player follows to make their experience safe and comfortable. However, if deemed necessary, the players could also wear a headband, knee pads, ankle braces, and sports glasses. Knee pads can provide added relief, especially during driving techniques. However, others feel that it may hamper mobility during the game. For long hair, men’s and women’s hairband is also a good option as it keeps the hair out of the way and absorbs head sweat. Knee pads seem significant if players are concerned about hurting their knees during a dive for the ball. Visit a sporting goods shop to ensure the correct size for knee pads. It is also wise to tie up long hair before entering the volleyball court. The headband can serve the purpose if they are long. The best equipment and gear is the one which is designed specifically for a particular sport. However, volleyball players can enjoy any steep length they prefer for participation. Dry fit material is like microfibers, and polyester is ideal for such a sport as it will draw sweat and moisture from the skin. These fabrics are also lightweight and do not become heavy after sweat absorption. A lack of weight in the attire will give the player confidence and a more accessible range of motion.

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