What Size Baseball Glove For 6-7 Year Old?

Children and young people should get accustomed to competitive and team-based sports from a very young age. Sports can help children develop physical and social skills and learn about team spirit and fair play, significantly improving their self-esteem and confidence. Such characteristics are not only limited to the sports field but are equally beneficial and valuable for academic and intellectual life. Parents should encourage and take a positive role in persuading their children to develop the spirit of good sportsmanship. Sports such as football, soccer, tennis, swimming, and baseball help developmental skills by creating a responsible and mature effect. Young experiences in the early stages can generate success and create opportunities for advanced learning aimed at young children and a love for baseball and similar sports.

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Baseball teaches patience and focuses on the children as the players who wait for their turn to act and bat. Young players who start playing in the field early and work on concentration skills develop accuracy, precision, and the endurance to wait for an opportunity. However, before stepping into sports and physical activities, it is significant to mentally and physically prepare the children. Physically grooming children would require a set of instruments and equipment, which involves proper clothes, shoes, and accessories, including gloves, caps, and socks. As children are potential baseball players for the future, the maximum time spent on the field should include the right amount of kit. Young boys and girls prefer playing T-ball, minors, majors, and Babe Ruth which demands an appropriately sized baseball glove for amateurs and expert players. The right kind of gloves will provide stability and comfort; however, a too-small glove can make children pain, hindering their performance. Similarly, an extra-large glove for children will lead to discomfort because young players would not be able to close and open it, therefore, loosening the grip.

What Size Baseball Glove For 6-7 Year Old?

A baseball-size glove for 6-7-year-old maybe a 10.5-inch glove for players of this age bracket, while some aged 6-7 with larger body sizes may use an 11.5-inch glove. However, some other factors can determine the size of a child, ranging from position to child’s physical size. For some tiny players, a 10-inch version is more comfortable.

A 7-year-old glove may range from 10.25″ to 12.25″, depending on a child’s position in the game. For first basemen, 11.5′′-12′′ baseball gloves are required. An infielder may wear a 10.25′′-11.5′′ baseball glove. An outfielder’s glove size could be 11.5′′-12.25′′.

How To Find the Best Baseball Glove That Fits?

To find the best baseball glove that fits:

  • Determine position:  Determine whether the preferred position requires a youth infielder or outfielder glove. Outfielder gloves usually are slightly larger than infielder gloves, and each may be labeled. Some kids may need a first base glove if playing first base.
  • Find glove size based on age range: Finding the appropriate glove that fits an age range from 5 or 6 year-old should be 10 to 10 1/2 inches long. A glove that fits a 7- or 8-year-old should be 10 1/2 to 11 inches long. A glove that fits a 9 to 12-year-old should be 11 to 11 1/2 inches long. A 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches glove size may be typical for a high school student. Since older youngsters often have defined positions, an outfielder’s glove would be slightly larger—in the 12- to the 12-1/2-inch range for high school baseball players. Sizing up may be necessary for some youngsters with larger hands than their peers.
  • Test glove for a good fit: When you are looking at buying a glove, be sure to have your child try the glove on to see if it fits. All gloves are different, and sizing can sometimes be deceiving.
  • Determine if the glove is usable: Test your child’s ability to open and close the glove in addition to the fit. Some adolescent gloves are designed such that the child can effortlessly open and close the glove from the moment it is purchased.

How To Determine What Size Baseball Glove You Need?

To determine what size baseball glove a child needs, here’s what to look out for to picking a well-fitted baseball glove:

  • Infield Gloves: A child may need a smaller glove with a shallow pocket if playing infield. This can enable infielders to quickly move the ball from the glove to their throwing hand.
  • Outfield Gloves: A larger glove with a deep pocket is recommended if playing outfield. Outfielders have a more extended reach to catch fly balls; that is why a larger glove because of the greater length. The deeper pocket provides added control after the catch.
  • First Base Mitts: One of the most challenging positions on the field is the first base; because first basemen spend so much time collecting throws or fielding ground balls, a first base mitt is more of a cross between a catcher’s mitt and an infield glove. The first base mitt structure creates a deeper pocket for better catching and scooping up ground balls, while the mitt’s length makes fielding throws easier.
  • Pitcher’s Gloves: Pitchers utilize a glove about the same size as infielders but will likely pay greater attention to the webbing on the glove. A pitcher can use a closed web pattern to prevent the hitter from knowing which pitch being used.
  • Catcher’s Mitts: The most crucial consideration is the size that feels best in a child’s hand when it comes to catcher’s mitts. If the correct size of catcher’s mitt is given to a child, he can catch and transfer the baseball swiftly.


There is a variety in design, material, and quality for baseball gloves. Nowadays, baseball gloves are more comfortable and durable than ever before, making it easier for children who have just stepped into baseball. They are comparatively more minor in size than adults’ baseball gloves and can also be used for playing baseball at home or even in the youth league. Their usefulness and versatility cannot be overlooked as it is an essential gear for the professional sport. It is not an easy task to find the appropriate youth baseball gloves for very young players. There are multiple things to consider, including many brands, models, sizes, and resourcefulness. Other than that, the quality should be of top-notch priority when selecting the correct glove for children. Typically in baseball, a bat is considered one of the essential pieces of equipment in a player’s collection, making gloves the next critical piece of the gear. As mentioned earlier, quality should be the priority of players. Still, it does not have to cost more than the allocated budget as there are plenty of durable options for players that fall under the budget. However, avoid compromising on the quality as a quality glove will help play and perform better for a reasonable price.

Most youth baseball gloves are similar to adult baseball gloves except for the size and materials. The baseball gloves have to be appropriate to accommodate tiny hands as they are mostly made of lighter materials to avoid itching little hands. Materials like synthetics pig skin fall under the more lightweight category, which is easier to open or close and requires no break-in time. They are relatively inexpensive for the price and are not very long-lasting as young players will soon outgrow them. Whether left-handed or right-handed, young players can choose one of the following options to enhance their baseball performance.

Franklin Sports Tee-ball Glove

The materials of the Franklin Tee-ball glove are soft, making it incredibly supportive and smooth for children. It also means that there is not too much break-in time required with these gloves, as kids will be able to get support from them on the first try. It is composed of synthetic leather and is child friendly. Colorful designs make it physically appealing to young boys and girls. It is ideal for left-handed and right-handed players as it has a soft foam ball. They are not as hard or rough as the other similar materials, but unfortunately, they cannot soften further. It has a closed web and opens back, making it appear stylish during the baseball game.

Easton Z-Flex Series Gloves

The Easton Z-Flex Series is currently the top choice for many young players. It is highly reasonable and falls under a just price making it an appealing brand for all the players in the market. It has an added element of an exaggerated pocket accommodating beginner kids to help them make more catches. The Z-Flex technology allows the kids to easily open and close the glove making it convenient and user-friendly. It has an extra element of elastic strap available on each side of the palm for complete closure. It is available in 9 inches, 10 inches, 10.5 inches, and 11 inches, so children can easily rely on this brand. It is manufactured from hog hide pigskin leather, making it ultra-soft.

Rawling Players Youth Glove Series

If you are looking for something that provides your children with ultimate stability and balance during the field and style and comfort, then Rawlings Players Youth gloves are ideal. It has a soft inner lining with various accents and colors. This is a perfect choice for young children commencing their careers and baseball. It can break in fast, making it excellent for those looking to buy gloves under a reasonable budget. It is equipped with a Neo Fled conventional back and has a pliable soft material; however, its reliability can be questioned due to its texture vinyl material, making it uncomfortable at some points. It is specially designed in a black and pink color combination, making it attractive for young girls. It is manufactured with a microinjection Velcro strap; however, some areas are not equipped with high-quality leather.

Mizuno Prospect Youth Ball Glove

The Mizuno gloves are in high demand because the full-grain leather shell makes them stylish and elegant. It quickly fixes suitably in young kids’ hands and has an adjustable wrist wrap. The full-grain leather shell makes it highly comfortable and reduces irritation to work at a comfortable level with kids. With the added feature of a soft liner, this glove is also used by people of all ages. The glove is suitable for kids ages 4 to 8, with the availability of eight colors. It is accessible in different sizes and has a closed and open web with a secure back. Mizuno is one of the most reliable companies, especially for first-time glove buyers. It has permanently shadowed Rawlings regarding quality and price as it is about $30 less. It is specially equipped with Power close technology patented by Mizuno. The hinges inside the glove make catching more accessible, particularly for small hands. Once the player catches the ball, the hinges in the gloves allow the player to tightly grasp and increase the ball’s grip, securing it for good.
Avoid purchasing a too big glove as the idea that the child will grow into it is not sensible. We should appropriately fix the gloves within the hands as it will grant more control, precision accuracy, and the group when the player catches the ball.

It is good to note that confidence is crucial regardless of the competition in baseball. A player can boost morale with the appropriate baseball glove while improving overall performance.

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