How to Become a Minor League Baseball Player? – AAA Baseball Tryouts

Several youngsters aspire to become professional baseball players, yet only a few get selected for the major league teams directly. Generally, players must play in the minor leagues before getting enlisted in the major teams.

If you want to be a MiLB (Minor League Baseball) player, you need to take part in an MLB (Major League Baseball) tryout camp, after which you will be enrolled in the MiLB team if you qualify. Minor leagues do not usually conduct tryouts.

How is Minor League Baseball Organized? In the video below, we can learn the structure of Major League Baseball.

Follow the given steps to become a MiLB player:

  • Firstly, download a tryout waiver form from the website of the MLB Scouting Bureau. In case you are below the age of 21, your parent or guardian has to sign the form.
  • While you can play for two or more positions at the tryout, you still need to choose one best or most preferred position. Remember that you will be considered only for one position that you mention on the registration card. So, choose the position wisely.
  • The schedule and location of tryout camps can be checked at the MLB Scouting Bureau’s camp information webpage. Various tryouts are conducted every year across different locations. Sometimes, you have to go outside your state or city to attend a camp. In such cases, you will have to bear the travel expenses yourself.
  • The only things that are given at the camp are the balls and bats. You have to buy other essentials like baseball pants, hats, gloves, and cleats on your own. If you participate as a catcher, you may also have to bring your catching gear.
  • If you do not get selected in your first attempt, take part in other tryout camps. You can play for as many tryouts as you want to.

Note: To participate in tryout camps, you need to be at least 16 years old. Further, you do not have to pay any fee to take part in tryouts. However, you cannot pre-register for the camp as the registration cards are distributed just 30 minutes before the tryout.

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