What Do Basketball And Football Have In Common?

Having involved in numerous sports and becoming a keen player of basketball or football has many health advantages. It offers social and psychological profits with health because of teamwork and participation. Whether recreational or competitive, there is a significant downward trend because of the prevalence of indoor activities such as video games or social media. Football and basketball are the two most widely played sports in the world. An individual having an issue in deciding between the two sports should take up both and compare the qualities and characteristics of each. Offering great teamwork and partnership, these two well-structured sports provide a spirit of sportsmanship to the players.

Basketball Dribbling

Football and basketball are top-rated and stand first and third in sports,s respectively. However, despite being popular and respected, there are certain similarities and differences between the two sports. However, the basic principle of football and basketball is similar to each other as both sports involve throwing the ball and running after it. Secondly, football and basketball require the element of sportsmanship to be together to win the game. Even if there is a competent single-player, without the basic principles of teamwork, the chances of winning are slim. Trust, dependence and cooperation are required in every sport in which the players are expected to follow a particular strategy. In both sports, players can be replaced by substitute players, and these transitions are expected around any time during the game whenever there is a severe injury. Lastly, the football and basketball players are expected to have a solid, robust build to tolerate rough moves during the game, so a perfect physical condition is required from the players. Basketball and football are played on fair principles where there is no room for racism or discrimination among players making them greatly respected by fans all over the world,

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What Do Basketball And Football Have In Common?

  • Both basketball and football are played using a leather ball and packed with air.
  • Basketball or football are timed sports with officials, on a measured playing surface with borders, attack, defense squads, penalties, four timed quarters, multiple scoring opportunities, referees, coaches,e.t.c.
  • Both are similar, having a professional team that plays in different cities around the United States, attracting many spectators each year.
  • The term “field goal” is used in both sports but has different connotations. In football, a field goal is a kick, while in basketball, it is a basket in a hoop.
  • Basketball and football are both considered team sports because multiple players are involved.
  • Players can be substituted, and both sports have squads of players ready for this purpose.

Which Is More Difficult, Football Or Basketball?

Football or Basketball? Both have their perks. Football can be more difficult because this has to do with a lot of strength and endurance to deal with the continuous contact between players and the wear and strain on the body. Basketball can also be difficult because most players are demanded to meet specific requirements to be a part of the team. For example, you need height, body built, e.t.c, and it’s a  skillful sport where the 6ft 5inch player shoots a ball in a net.


What Takes More Skill, Basketball Or Football?

Basketball and football both require a high level of skills to perform in a game. They are both challenging games to play.

  • It was blocking guards a teammate against a defender to pass through to the end zone for football. If not done correctly could result in a violation. It requires technique and a high level of skills to play this game.
  • In basketball, shooting is the only way to score. This is needed to be done skillfully because a player needs to maneuver through the defenders to put the ball into the hoop. This requires proper techniques and calculations to score.


Ball shape and dimensions are typically made from composite leather or pure leather in both sports. However, the balls have more differences than similarities. Basketballs are supposed to be completely round and deliver an excellent bounce. When thrown on the ground, footballs are oblong and do not perform good bounces. This is because of the nature of the games, as the former involved bouncing and tapping; therefore, the ball is manufactured in a particular way, whereas in the latter, there is mostly no need for a bounce. The footballs are designed to be thrown in the air and have an easier grip. Basketballs are heavier and more extensive than footballs.

Sports environment

Football is mainly played outdoors without artificial lights or temperature control. The size of the field is also bigger than basketball and is primarily played indoors in a controlled environment. These indoor halls are designed to accommodate the players and encourage factors that make basketball convenient to play. The indoor arenas also have artificial lighting so that we can play them at any time of the day. Other than that, the basketball courts are narrow and longer than the football field. According to the National Basketball Association, the interior dimensions are 94 feet by 50 feet. Professional football outdoor fields are 120 yards by 53.3 yards or 360 feet by 60 feet. Basketball courts are made of wood, while football fields are synthetic or natural grass.

Style of the game

In football, the ball is not supposed to bounce, and the players pass with their body parts except for the hands through fumbling. In basketball, the players are supposed to bounce the ball up and down on the floor in a repeated motion, known as dribbling. The football players are expected to cover the opponent and overpower the opponent’s territory in 10 yards by throwing the ball to the challenger’s end zone. In basketball, the player aims to throw the bounced ball into the opponent’s basket by constant dribbling. The team with the higher baskets and number of goals wins the game. Football is a game that requires complete contact among players and might involve physical confrontations in between. It is also a rough game as the players collide, resulting in extreme injury.
On the other hand, basketball is a non-contact sport and does not entail physical confrontation among other teams’ players. Doing so can result in a violation, and therefore the team can be fouled. Physical contact in football is highly encouraged compared to basketball, resulting in negative points for the players. The contact and confrontation in football are known as a tackle.

Sports apparel

Another difference between football and basketball is the type of uniform and apparel the players wear. The basketball players wear a vest as a uniform, whereas the football players are dressed in long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirts and shorts. Football players are also often seen wearing headgear or helmets to protect them from the violent physical confrontation that may take place during the game.

Length of game

The duration of football games is often prolonged compared to basketball games. A total of 60 minutes is allocated for football, especially in the professional domain, whereas in high school, the players are allotted a timer for 48 minutes. Basketball players are given 48 minutes at the professional level and 32 minutes in high school. However, both the games have multiple timeouts and brief intervals, including fouls, penalties, halftime, and injury break.

Football originated in the early 1900s as a violent hobby for men, whereas basketball has its roots in gymnastics for women. The football players get more injuries compared to the basketball players. This is why basketball players are often fouled because of physical confrontation. The kind of scoring is also different between the two games. In football, 3 is the minor number scoring obtained by the opposite team at a particular single time. In basketball, 3 is the highest point a player can score.

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