How Many Basic Basketball Skills Are There?

Physical activities and practiced sports help in structured interactions that focus on shared goals and teamwork. Team-based sports such as football and basketball are ideal for facilitating team building, cooperation, and co-dependence encounters. Health benefits aside, regular activities that involve taking time out for physical and strenuous hobbies help keep the body active and the brain more imaginative for other accomplishments. The intellect level tends to rise, and academic performance also increases as the balance between everyday sports and team building increases. Basketball is a perfect example of a happening sport where people seem passionate about it, establishing an energetic connection and association with the game.

Basketball skills

Basketball is a playful, energetic activity that necessitates intellect and teamwork. This team-based sport is played between two teams of five players on an indoor rectangular court. The purpose of the sport is to throw the ball into the open basket, which can also be labeled as a goal. The players are expected to toss the ball in an elevated horizontal ring with a net. It is a fast-paced game in which the players must play and throw the ball rapidly and accurately. Each team player please offense and defense; however, basketball is also beneficial and ideal to play one on one with up to 5 on five pairs. The basketball court should be on a hard surface and free of hurdles to necessitate the players’ free movements. The dimensions of the indoor courts are usually 28 m long by 15 m wide, allowing the players to have an unobstructed performance properly. Basketball is one of the widely played and practiced well-known sports globally.

How Many Basic Basketball Skills Are There?

The basic basketball skills are:

  • Passing: This is a basketball skill that involves a player throwing the ball toward a teammate for the teammate to shoot or pass. Passing is a perfect way of moving the ball around the basketball court. Any team with excellent passers tends to win games because many scoring opportunities would be created.
  • Defending: This is a skill used to prevent the opponent from scoring and blocking the opponent’s passes and shots from earning a point in the net and being in control of rebounds. Any team with a good defense could also win games because of the ability to deny the opposition from getting goals.
  • Dribbling: Like passing, dribbling is also a skill that helps move the ball around the basketball court. Dribbling involves technically controlling and moving the ball around the court while evading opposing players. Fast dribblers may find it easier to navigate past opposing players.
  • Shooting: Shooting involves attempting to throw the ball into the basket to score points. This is a primary skill involved in getting points. Good shooters are crucial to any basketball team, either outside the three-point line or within.
  • Rebounding: This is when a player reacts first to a ball that has been shot and missed. Either attacking-wise or defensively, rebounding is essential as it helps to capitalize on missed shots and score the opposing team or helps the defenders retrieve the ball after a missed attempt.

How Do You Become An Expert In Basketball?

  • Game speed: An outstanding basketball player should be perfect at moving very fast with the ball and evading the defenders simultaneously.
  • Shooting techniques: Being able to shoot accurately, even over long distances, could aid in becoming an expert. This is an essential determinant in becoming a basketball expert. For this to be possible, the player should be able to position the hands properly to take accurate shots.
  • Ball control: A good basketball player needs to dribble past players efficiently.
  • Physical fitness: A basketball player must aim to build physical fitness in endurance, agility, stamina, and strength. Being physically fit takes conscious and daily efforts.

What Skills Should A Good Basketball Player Have?

A good basketball player should have at least the five basic skills of basketball, which is the passing skill, dribbling talent, defense skill, rebounding skill, and shooting skill. When these skills are perfectly learned, the good basketball player may have to build the strength to cope with the opposition’s physicality, agility, speed, physical fitness, etc. Having these skills and techniques, a basketball player can compete at high levels efficiently.


We can perform basketball professionally if the players are equipped with the game’s basic skills. Grasping the basketball game can be overwhelming, but it can also be a never-ending process. There are innumerable skills that will determine the type and outcome of the game. Most of these skills are considered fundamental and essential to be proficient in the game, but players are not acquainted with these principles. Each skill set’s functional ability will make it a well-rounded game, creating a challenge for the other team members. Suppose the players are determined to cultivate above-average ability in just specific areas of the basketball game. In that case, the game will undoubtedly improve, allowing the players to have exposure to different positions in the game.

Basketball Dribbling

It is the most essential and fundamental skill for any basketball player. Without proper dribbling or ball control skills, the players would not be able to toss the ball into the hoop. The players move throughout the court with the help of dribbling the ball, failure to do so may result in violations instead of points. Dribbling is the essential skill of moving the ball in the court as per the rule, no matter how great the jump shot or free throw is.

Basketball Dribbling

The players should be accustomed to the penetration of the hoop and should be able to move the ball in lateral directions to get away from the defense. The players should be skilled in dribbling to pass the ball in a good passing lane to reach the opponent’s hoop. There are different types of dribbles which includes

  • change-of-pace,
  • crossover dribble,
  • behind the back,
  • pull back dribble,
  •  low dribble,
  • basic dribble,
  • between the legs dribble

Mastering moves like the crossover, behind the back, and spin double; the players can benefit from having ball-handling solid skills. The opponents get confused, making it easier for the players to reach the goal. Allocate a small portion of time every day to become an expert in dribbling.

Basketball Shooting

The main objective of basketball is to score maximum points through shooting. Therefore, to win and score top points, the players are expected to shoot the ball into the hope, which requires appropriately grasping the ball with full grip and tossing it into the net while covering the defenders. A good shot has an accurate target, flawless timing, and the proper usage of body parts, such as extending the arms in the right direction and lifting the legs appropriately.


Basketball Shooting

Shooting is about defending yourself from the midrange jumpers with a complete focus on pushing the ball deep into the basket. Players should also be adept at playing less conventional shots such as hooks or fade-away jumpers, allowing you to score maximum points.

  • Jump Shot
  •  Dunk
  •  Alley-oop
  •  Free throw
  •  Layup
  • Three-Point Shot
  • Hook Shot

Basketball Passing

The players should also know to pass the ball to the other team members. Since it is a team sport, it involves passing the ball and depending on the team member to welcome the ball. This ability is known as passing which affects the proper throwing of the ball appropriately, easily grasped, and caught by the other member.

Basketball Passing

Players who are great passers revolve their throwing based on accuracy and precision. They quickly analyze by eyeing up their team members and preparing themselves to pass the ball into motion. Great passers hardly turn the ball over. In basketball, more scores are achieved with fewer turnovers, making the particular team win. It involves the ability to examine the lanes and mentally set a pass to the members where the opposing team would not attack. You need a wall and a ball to practice being a great passer. Try mixing up different styles of passing to add diversity to the game.

Basketball Rebounding

It is the concept that involves capturing the ball after the shot. The team with the maximum number of rebounds usually has uncountable chances to score more tries, therefore, heightened scoring probabilities.

Basketball Rebounding Jokic

Basketball Defense

To acquire more chances of scoring and gain full possession of the ball on the court, the team members should be thoroughly experienced and well-versed in the defensive approach. They should be able to stop the opponent from taking possession of the ball, which can be done with fast and dribbling hands to dribble or create an intimidating presence around the rim successfully. If the defensive skills are solid and unapproachable, then team members can have more opportunities to score baskets.

Basketball Defense

Lastly, the players should also work meticulously on footwork as it is a significant part of the skills required on the court. It is the basics of shooting, defending, rebounding, or passing down the ball as the foot movement will determine the game’s outcome. The players should also have information and insights regarding the violations of the basketball games, which may allow improvement in the game. There are different kinds of basketball moves that need to be amalgamated to create diversity in the game.

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