Is Soccer Similar To Basketball?

Participating in sports-based activities enhances an individual’s skills and amplifies overall team performance. Sportsman carves their talents and helps the rest of the team take the lead out on the field. Sports are carried out under an agreed set of rules and each player has to abide by the guidelines set by the authorities. Sports are either played for self-enjoyment, recreationally, or even to build up the spirit of competition among players. There are plenty of sports activities such as football, basketball or baseball that require physical or athletic prowess. Each team member is allotted a designated position in the field to perform a specific purpose of the game.
Additionally, soccer and basketball both require a set of guidelines, strict rules, a code of conduct, a professional attitude, and positive behavior. The end results are based on team spirit and coordination which can only exist if there is respect among players. Whether in basketball where the players dribble the ball with the horse, and in soccer, where dribbling takes place through feet, both sports require mutual cooperation, behavioral attributes, and positive reinforcement throughout the game.

Soccer and basketball are some of the famous and most appreciated sports in the world. Played at a local and international level, these sports have the most significant number of fanatics and enthusiasts who have an apparent connection and association. Played in an indoor rectangular area, the objective of the game is to secure the maximum number of baskets in contrast to the opposing team. The ball is transported among players through the act of dribbling and the players are not allowed to touch the ball, but only with the hands. A player cannot run with the ball in possession and can be taken to the opponent’s area for a goal only with the help of dribbling. Soccer also entails the concept of dribbling but the players are prohibited to touch or pass the ball with hands. We can use each body part except for hands, and the players are expected to pass the ball to the other players using feet only. However, basketball and soccer are sports and rely on fundamental values such as respect, coordination, balance, and leadership.

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Is Soccer Similar To Basketball?

No, soccer is in no way similar to basketball. The only similarity would be the use of a ball. In both soccer and basketball, the ball is the focal point whereby the players strive to have the ball in a net by synergizing. Soccer and basketball are team-based, and the players have to collaborate between themselves to get the desired result. A mistake from a team member could cost the team a lot.


Both are team sports and ball games but are slight differences between them. These two sports are different in the way they use the ball. In both sports, players dribble the ball however in basketball the players dribble with hands and in soccer, except for the goalkeeper, the players dribble with their feet. Another difference is the total number of players in each sport. In basketball, the total number is five, whereas there are eleven players in soccer. This makes soccer more enormous as a significant field is required to accommodate all the players. There is a difference of positions between the games as well. There are three kinds of situations in basketball: guards, forward, and centers. Soccer has four positions namely goalkeeper, defender, midfielders, and forwards. The highlighted difference is the specialization of roles by the players. In soccer, the players only specialize in offense or defense, not whereas this is not the case in basketball.

Field and goal dimensions

The primary difference between basketball and soccer is the side of the field these respective games are played on. Soccer is played on natural or artificial grass, ranging up to 65 yards wide and 125 yards in length. Soccer is big, so playing outdoor is the preferred door as players cannot be accommodated indoors. Basketball is played on a wooden floor indoors and is smaller in dimensions as compared to a soccer field.

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Type and quality of the ball

A synthetic round shape ball is used in soccer which pentagonal attributes on the surface. The color and type depend on the competition players are competing in. In one of the most prestigious events, such as the World Cup, the color and design are modified every year depending on which is opted by the host country. In basketball, the type and design of basketball remain constant and is composed of the orange leather composite which has a noticeable symmetrical line around the ball.

Total players in soccer and basketball

There are 11 players in soccer with limited substitute players available. There is one player in the goalkeeping area known as a goalkeeper and the rest are either in defense, midfield, or front line. The physical attributes do not directly influence the game but in basketball, typically tall and elongated players are seen. There are unlimited substitutes available in basketball for five fixed players. The players are not restricted to a particular position or location in the field and they can take any role during the game. The height of basket players is essential as the basket rim is higher than the ground, which is only accessible to the tall players.

Which Is Harder To Play, Soccer Or Basketball?

Soccer is mainly considered to be more complicated than basketball. The difficulty level of soccer and basketball is relatively high because of the high-level skill and intensity required. However, soccer seems more demanding from its players than basketball.

In soccer, the players are expected to run for longer distances and find it more difficult to score than in basketball.

The game duration in soccer is also longer, while a basketball game takes about 48 minutes in total, divided into four quarters of 12 minutes each. A regular soccer game lasts for at least 90 minutes of two halves, about 45 minutes. In other words, the total period of a basketball game is only about half of a soccer game. Soccer also takes more tactical preparations than basketball.

Do Basketball Or Soccer Players Run More?

Soccer players run more than basketball players. On average, most soccer players would run about 11km per game. Joshua Kimmich of Bayern Munich set the highest distance run by a player in a single match. He recorded a distance of 13.73km. On the other hand, Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls set the highest space run by a basketball player in a single match. He was able to record a total distance of 4.4km.

How does scoring work?

In soccer, players have the chance to score unlimited goals through penalty and free kicks. Players can also achieve a goal from a distance, counted as a score. Scoring in basketball is different from soccer as the score depends on the location and distance from which a player scores a basket. As opposed to soccer, if a basketball player throws a ball from behind it, it will be counted as three points. Other shots that are thrown from the arc during the clock running are given two points. If a player attempts a free throw which is 15 feet far from the goal area while the clock is paused it would count as a single point.

Fast break side vs. offside

A fast break is a term that is considered valuable in the domain of basketball where the offensive players try to move forward from the defense in an attempt to score a point by moving the ball upcourt. Such offensive moves are prohibited on the soccer fields because the rules state that two defensive players are present between the players. It is only valid past midfield and if players fail to abide by the rules it is counted as a violation known as offside.

Soccer players need to be active and fast on the field. If a player runs fast on the field, the team has higher chances of scoring a goal. In basketball, the players should be quick as compared to focusing on the speed. Since it is played indoor there is not much space to run around. They must act quickly and score a basket in order for their team to win. Soccer is widely popular sport and even the local villages in Africa are aware of the sport. Basketball is, however, relatively common and well known in North America. Both sports have innumerable fans and followers across the continents.


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