What Does Pancaking Mean In Football?

US football players need to be lean and robust to succeed in the field. Football is a team sport based on mutual support, trust, and reliance, on other team members. Physical strength and muscular resilience are football’s foundation, all that makes the outcome applause-worthy and successful. Not only that, but football players need to be physically trained and ready for goal execution. They also need to be accustomed to the basic moves, defensive strategies, organizational skills, and intelligent planning to overshadow the rival team. Football is an entire package of commitment and dedication along with rock-solid principles such as offense, defense, goalkeeping, and the maneuvering of a pancake block.

American football is a team sport, but it can be an individual sport. The best team usually wins, but the competent players often leave a positive impression and are remembered till the end. Players are recognized because of their creative ways and moves executed impressively. Extraordinary soccer moves help beat defenders as a good move will shake the defender’s balance allowing you to make way by dribbling the ball and confusing them in an open field. Many players use soccer moves to play effectively and help beat defenders.

Similarly, a pancake block is an ultimate move for the offensive players to regain dominance. All the offensive line players learn to effectively perform the pancake block to intimidate and steer away from the defenders. Pancake block takes place when a blocker overshadows a defender completely and places him on the back, giving victory to the offensive linemen and loss to the other team. Pancake blocks gained dominance around the ’60s; it is a legal block that is attempted below the waist to take the defender’s player’s feet out from under them so that they cannot play the player holding the ball. Worst case scenario would be the defender’s slow approach toward the ball, pausing the developing play. However, the players need to be proficient and expert in attempting the pancake block. If poorly executed, the defender could create hurdles in the attempt of pancake block and may find a way to tackle and overwhelm the move. For a pancake move to be legal, it has to be performed as per the guidelines that include tackles and tight ends or should be entirely out of the box. We should execute it from the front, and we should not already block the defensive players.

What Does Pancaking Mean In Football?

Pancaking or pancake block is a term used to refer to when an offensive lineman performs a running block and clashes with a defensive player resulting in the defensive player ending up flat on their back.

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In NFL football, it is called pancaking because the result is the defensive player lying flat on their back just like a pancake. One can say Pancaking is simply making a player lie flat with their back to the ground.

Who Leads The NFL In Pancake Blocks?

An offensive lineman performs the pancake block. The lineman charges at the defending player landing a hard block, resulting in the defender lying flat on their back. The linesman creates a window for open runs in the game.

Can You Pancake Someone On Defense?

Yes, someone can be pancaked on the defense. The defensive players are mainly on the receiving end of a pancake block. The offensive lineman may enjoy pancaking the defensive players because it demonstrates dominance on the football field. Defensive players do not like being put flat on their backs in front of everyone, so they try their best to avoid being pancaked.

Great offensive linemen improve their pancaking skills to intimidate and terrorize defensive players physically.


The pancake move is best described as a block that leaves the opponent on his back precisely flat as a pancake or even laying on the side. The offensive linemen must be mindful and aggressive of the anticipated pancake move to obliterate the defensive linemen and linebackers backward or flat on their respective backs. The defensive players lay flat on the back meanwhile the running back goes towards the hole. It displays a victorious moment for the offensive lineman over the defensive linemen to create space through the hole for the running back to perform. Pittsburgh Panthers first used the term pancake block to shed light on all America offensive tackle Bill Fralic’s defense strength in 1983 and 84. Fralic gradually gained dominance in blocking the opponents back in college and professional soccer realm. Pittsburg coaching management counted the number of times we performed these moves. The media department gave the name of executed blocks as pancake blocks, and the prominence of this word grew. Nebraska was the first to start using the term offensive lines.

The pancake block is executed on running the place. Offensive linemen perform pancake blocks with force, agility, and cruelty to overwhelm the opponent and leave them flat on the back. The pancake block and its effectiveness lie only with the lineman’s offense. He should immediately execute the stance and cover the defense of the lineman with two hand punches to the upper body. This is an indeed aggressive and brutal move in the game of soccer. The pancake block must knock off the defensive lineman as an outcome so that the offensive linemen can throw his opponent to the ground.

As defense players, it is not only about the speed and forcefulness of the player. To be a competent defensive lineman, dedicated training of technique and learning new moves to defeat the opposing player and blockers should be known. The defensive lineman should follow proper procedures, angles, and guidelines to play against the offense of linemen who are broader and taller compared to them. Defendants can also enhance their game and strength by getting into the backfield and dismissing the quarterback or putting an end to the running play. Suppose this technique is used and performed correctly. In that case, the defense of the lineman will have the upper hand over the offensive linemen and can reach faster than the lineman who is trying to block the defender by putting his hand on the opponent’s back. The defensive lineman can also use a swimming motion to overwhelm the offense of the lineman, as this involves pushing the arm of the blocker and shaking the balance. This gives an open space for the defensive lineman to get back into the backfield and make space for the big play.

Another technique that the defenders use is called a shoulder dip. This is one of the fastest defensive techniques. The defensive player runs as fast as possible, passing the offensive linemen and running directly toward the quarterback. The defensive lineman can dip his shoulder as he runs into the offensive lineman trying to block him. The defense needs to be located lower than the offense to win the battle to achieve a higher success rate.

Using the forklift move technique, the defense can completely overwhelm and ruin the offensive game plan. Defensive players use it to destroy the quarterback’s dream. The defensive takes one step ahead and, with the help of both arms, holds the opponent around the waist area by lifting him straight. This move will obliterate the running play. We should do it with the element of surprise.

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