Is It Better To Have A Longer Or Shorter Putter?

Sport is defined as an activity that involves strenuous physical exertion and skillset in which an individual or a team plays against the opposite players. Golf is a popular sport and has rich historical routes based on a Scottish game that includes hitting pebbles with sticks. Because of its admiration and acceptance level, golf has become a part of regular sport and is being played longer than football, soccer, and basketball. However, Rough sports are quite different as they are a test of an individual’s capabilities or strength. Golf is an elegant game that requires minor physical contact and fierce competition among team members. It is a good sport and is highly competitive, entails high IQ and mental capacity, and demands physical exertion and muscle consumption.

Golf is the game of kings that involves a series of traditions, etiquette, stringent rules, dress codes, and an eloquent scoring system. It can be intimidating starting golf as a total beginner, but players can simplify it and further categorize the rules for convenience and an easy start. Beginners must acquaint themselves with guidance on the bare essentials for golf. Quick requirements involve a budget carry bag, used golf balls, suitable shoes, multiple towels, pencils for scoring, and a pitch mark repairer. Golf clubs are the most essential and fundamental items needed to play the sport beginners require a set of clubs, and the easiest option is to get a complete beginner set. However, golf enthusiasts can also customize their collection, including cavity-backed items, wedges, drivers, and putters.

A putter is considered one of the compulsory clubs in the player’s bag. Golfers use a club to make comparatively shorter and low-speed strikes in the air to hit the ball into the hole from a particularly short distance. It is different from other clubs such as irons and wedges as it is equipped with a cleft head with a very flat and low loft striking face and other distinctive features that make it distinct from other clubs. Putters are characterized mainly by bend shafts, non-circular grips, and positional guides, making them more unique and diverse than other clubs. Golfers use putters close to the cup, especially on the putting green. Specific courses have multiple peripheries and rough terrain near the green on which putters are suitable to use. It is ideal for making strokes that are short and low speed. Understanding the different types of golf putters is essential to understanding which type of putter is best for individual needs or personalized preferences.

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Is It Better To Have A Longer Or Shorter Putter?

It is not good to have a longer or shorter putter, only a proper one in golf. If a putter is too long, the player’s posture will have them moving a little farther from the ball, moving the eyes inside rather than over the ball. Also, the body will have to accommodate the extra length with a lengthy putter by pulling the elbows too close to the body instead of allowing the arms to hang freely. This can work against the natural swinging that should allow for easy taps. If a putter is too short, a player can stand too close to the ball, making the eye line past the target line. This position can cause the putter angle to be more upright, causing a strain on the back. Best to get a putter that is comfortable for each player.

How Do I Know Which Putter Is Right For Me?

To know which putter is best, you may consider the following:

  • The style of play: An individual’s type of play matters when choosing a putter. Some players do not put in a lot of thought when selecting a putter and pick a putter that looks attractive or flashy rather than picking one that matches their putting strokes.
  • Putter length– The length will depend on the individual’s posture; arm length and eye position are factors. If a player is slouched and experiencing backaches while using the putter, it is best to get a longer length putter, and if a player is holding a putter below the grip, advised to seek a shorter length putter.
  • Picking the right head shape– Understanding what type of head shape a putter has is excellent for figuring out which putter works best for an individual. The two most common are the blade and the mallet heads. The blade head is a simple design. They are flat and thin and give a good feel of the ball. This head is typical amongst low-handicapped players. On the other hand, the mallet is relatively giant and rounder, offering more forgiveness and helping players sustain more steady performances.

What Is The Best Style Of Putter For An Average Golfer?

Identifying the best putter style for an average golfer comes in two types: the arc stoke or the straight stroke.

An arc stroke takes the putter back in slightly and forms a small strong arc in the putting stroke. The straight stroke indicates a straight back straight through the path. The toe-hang and blade putters are best for players with the arc style.

Players with straight strokes may use face-balanced putters and mallets because of the heavy head, which assists in this type of stroke.


The golf companies and manufacturers provide three styles of putters: standard, belly putter, and long putter. The dimensions and the length of the putter are significant as it manipulates the range of distance and the trajectory control of the ball. Manufacturers and golf retailers provide dimensional guidelines and help the golfers to select a putter of the correct length that matches the individual’s height. Height is the crucial and significant contributing factor to stands, posture, and anchor points.

Standard putters
Despite the regular innovations and modifications to the shafts of a golf club, the standard putter’s length is still considered number one among many PGA tour players. They are slightly shorter and can be quickly unfolded and gripped in the same manner as other clubs. However, putters do not require a wide swing during the strike. Some players choose a grip that would be less resourceful for regular clubs but work exceptionally well and grant more precision and control for the shorter putting stroke. The most common is the reverse grip, in which the governing hand is placed higher on the hold than the non-dominant hand and palm. If the payer is more than 6 feet, a 34 1/2 inch putter is ideal. For 5 feet and 10 inches to 5 feet and 11 inches, a 34-inch putter will work. Players below 510 should use a 33 1/2 inch footer and a 33-inch putter for 5 feet to 5 feet tall. If the prayer is 5 feet 3 to 5 feet four tall, then a 32 1/2 inch putter is the right size. However, if the golfer is short to around 4’11” to 5 feet tall and 31 1/2 inch putter is ideal.

Belly putter
Unlike the conventional putters, the belly putter is characterized by a longer shaft and uses the belly as a stabilizing agent to measure and perform a stroke with more accuracy. The shaft in the belly putter is long enough and can be personalized or customized with a standard or modified grip. The belly putter offers extra stabilization and fewer chances of the putter sliding offline and reduces the likelihood of pushing the ball left or right. Belly putters are typically between 39 and 43 inches, but we can modify them based on the individual’s height. If the player is about 6’2” or even taller than that, then a belly putter with the shaft dimension between 45 and 47 inches is appropriate. If the golfer is about 5’9” to 6’1” tall,,, then they should use a 41 to a 44-inch belly putter.

The long putter
The long putter allows the golfer to strike the ball into a pendulum swing, reducing a wrist hinge likelihood. The full-length putters usually work on the principle of belly putters but elongate the shaft up to the chest. The Player also stabilizes the putter against the trunk, uses the non-dominant hand, and places the overriding hand at the regular height to execute the move. The longer putter puts less strain on the back of the golfer allowing the player to practice longer. For very tall players, a 54-inch putter will be suitable; however, players below 5 feet should use a 45-inch putter.

An appropriate length putter will provide stability, comfort, and style during the game. If the player’s hands are too down during gripping, the putter is very long and needs to be changed.

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