Does Senior Flex Make A Difference?

Being an expert in field sports such as golf can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Before stepping into the field series of processes, guidelines, and concepts must be grasped and understood. Apart from physical strength, mental capabilities, and commitment, there are prerequisites to transforming from a beginner to an amateur player. Golf equipment such as iron clubs, balls, wedges, and putters must be procured, which can customarily surpass the budget. Therefore, resilience and commitment are required from golf and other sports. Players should be a strong familiarity with golf terminologies and concepts to progress in the game.

Before initiating the game, golf players should have a well-founded understanding and awareness of the golf shafts. In golf terms, a shaft is considered a long, tapered elongated tube that lets the golfer’s hand connect with the clubhead. Hundreds of different designs exist in shaft selection. In scientific terms, the shaft enables the player to produce a centrifugal force to hit the ball successfully. If the player has a firm hand and an influential shaft grip, the player can strike the ball to a significant distance and more accurately while using less force. Players should choose suitable shafts according to their preference based on multiple determinants of shaft flex, kick point, torque properties, rating, and the entire length. The different aspects of golf club shafts directly influence the club’s performance, and each of the shafts needs to be carefully evaluated during the selection process.

The flex of a particular golf club shaft determines the flexibility during the strike or swing and the amount of flex present during the strike to achieve great distance, precision, and feel. There are flex ratings specifically designed for senior players, but the player needs to decide on a reasonable shaft. Overall, the flex in the golf shaft influences accuracy, distance, and the trajectory of the golf shot. During the swing, the shaft flexes, and the clubhead’s position modifies; therefore, it is essential to select the appropriate flex in a club to achieve clubface square on the ball after it makes contact. There are five flex ratings which are known as extra stiff (x), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A), and ladies (L). Evidently, the faster the club speed is, the stiffer the shaft will be. The club shaft is also known as the engine of the golf club, as the entire performance of the swing is entirely dependent on it.

Does Senior Flex Make A Difference?

Yes, senior flex makes a difference. Golfers with slower swings use senior flex. Senior flex is flexible and lightweight, making it easy to launch, primarily for players losing swing speed due to aging. Golfers with a speed range of 75-85 mph are better off using the senior flex because not using the right flex can affect the control and flight of the golf ball.

senior flex golf

Golfers who hit a drive 180 – 200 yards would need a senior flex. If a golfer’s swing is too fast for a senior flex, advised not to use the senior swing because this may affect the distance.

Who Should Use Senior Flex?

Senior flex is used mainly by beginners, teenage golfers, female golfers, and aging golfers. This category of the group uses senior flex because their speed level is below 85 mph, and with senior flex, the speed level can be easy to handle and improve the distance of swings. Determining which flex to use in golf solely depends on the golfer’s speed and distance. A young golfer may use a senior flex, and an old golfer may not use senior flex. Measure your distance and speed before picking out the golf club to settle with.

Is Senior Flex Stiffer Than Regular?

No, the senior gold club is more flexible than the regular flex because the golfers who use senior flex need a club that can amplify their speed and gives a longer distance. The shaft flex is how much the shaft can bend during the swing. The amount of flexibility varies. Some are stiffer than others to control the distance, giving each type of golfer the right amount of space they need. When a golf club is too flexible, a disadvantage is inaccuracy because it twists more.

The flex of a shaft is measured by the vibration frequency, which is measured by putting some weight on the tip of the club, holding it down in a fixed position then vibrating the club. The more the club vibrates, the stiffer the club is. Knowing this will help understand which golf club is more rigid and why.

how to choose flex based on speed

The term senior or regular in shaft relates to the swing speed measurements. Before choosing between senior or regular flex, the players need to determine whether they will opt for steel or a graphite shaft. Swing speed is the primary determinant in the selection process, usually generated at the clubhead during impact and the swing’s tempo. The strike will have zero feels for a steel shaft that is too stiff, rigid, or heavy for the respective swing speed. This is because of the pushed shots and the inability to square the face at impact. As opposed to this, if the shaft is too soft or smooth, the strike will be all over with no accuracy or precision.

The senior flex shaft allows the player to strike the golf ball quickly and smoothly. This gives the player maximum feel and authority during the ball strike. As far as the distance is concerned, a softer shaft will allow the players to cover more distance by increasing the angle with greater height, making it cover hi-flight with a tendency to lift the ball off the ground. Players who strike with slow swing speed have an edge of hitting more fairways and greens by choosing the correct shaft—the repetition of a square club head with the help of impact results in straighter and more precise shots. Players can also measure swing speed using a local golf shop, as they will quickly determine and guide the correct shaft flex for individual players. Apart from that, guidance on shaft characteristics, weight, torque point, and distance also determine the appropriate selection of golf shaft.

Another way to decide between the golf shaft flex is to analyze the current distances. A senior golf shaft would be appropriate if the players hit between 180 to 200 yards. The regular one can work for those switching between 200 to 240 yards.

Picking the wrong shaft will immediately alert the players, especially during the club’s swinging. During this, the ball would not be able to go as far, therefore, covering less distance. The players may also hit the ball off-center, and there would be no feeling during the swing. Using a too heavy or incredibly soft shock can hamper the game’s performance or result.

Despite the guidance, a customized fitting is ideal if the players need a precise measurement regarding the shaft. However, it could be an added expense for the players, especially those clueless about a senior or regular post. During a tailored session, a launch monitor will be used, which will give precise details regarding pole speed, launch, distance, and spin. This information will be used and organized in a computer system, resulting in the correct shaft type. However, custom fitting is only available previously for tour players and professional expert players. Nowadays, anyone willing to spend an ample amount of money can quickly get custom fitting of clubs. We can complete custom fitting with woods, items, pitches, and even putters with the current technology trend. Professional services are available to work by the players for maximum benefit and guidance.

Extra stiff shafts

They are used mainly by players who strike beyond 300 off the tee. This flex is generally hard to find and is rare.

Stiff shaft

It is widespread and is selected by those players who strike the ball to 250 yards or more off the tee. It is ideal for mid-low handicaps, but players should ensure the clubhead speed is measured before selecting between a stiff and regular flex.

Regular flex

This is an ideal choice for high handicap male players. Regular flex is appropriate for players who strike the ball from 230 to 250 yards off the tee as it also forgives.

Ladies flex

Women golf players have the lowest club speed among all players. This is considered the softest among flex ratings and is suitable for strikes ranging less than 200 yards off the tee.

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