What Are 7 Irons Good For?

Golf is believed to be a sophisticated and cultured game played by millions of people worldwide. The ancient golf game can be linked to China, but the modern-day game involves an 18-hole version. Sports require a plethora of rules and equipment, especially if you are a beginner. A well-structured beginner’s golf should be well-read and analyzed to clarify all the uncertainties and confusion regarding the game. The golf has to be played with etiquettes on the golf course, and the players are expected to enter with standard rules and basic acknowledgment of limitations before starting the game. Golfers are expected to purchase a well-designed golfer’s gear which involves a bag full of clubs. Generally, the clubs include wood, irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters. Each of the clubs performs a unique shot, covering a range of distances. The woods are preferred for long shots, whereas wedges are used for sand and green areas.

The golf clubs are known as irons because their club heads are metal-made, including the wood clubs. Golfers decide which irons clubs to be used based on the distance to the hope and the landscape of the golf course. Manufacturers have tried to accommodate the beginners with club sets designed to enhance their golf game. A club consists of irons and a bag, including tee shirts and balls. The seven iron golf club is the middle irons, which accommodate the 140 to 170-yard range. Experts can throw longer shots with seven clubs, but it is challenging for beginners. The seven iron characterizes shorter shaft and clubhead loft than the longer irons, usually around 34 to 36 degrees depending on the producer. A larger striking surface area is obtained on the clubhead, making seven iron sheets more straightforward to manage and control than the longer ones, which require more control.

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This particular club is used when “laying up,” placing the ball in an appropriate fairway position with the second shot adjusted to the par-four hole and the third shot near the long par-five holes. The seven iron can also be used as an alternate for 8 or 9 iron to acquire more extended bump and run trials on hard and solid golf courses with fewer risks. The body should be balanced and in equilibrium to proceed with the seven iron shots. The hands should be ahead compared to the ball, but the shaft should lean forward at the throw. We should push the ball back like the driver and strike before the swing reaches the lowest point, exactly like the driver. A 7 iron seems more beneficial than the other clubs as it has more lofts than the six iron and 6 to 8 degrees more lofts than the five iron. The added loft provides value to the club as it allows players to have more hitting surfaces but covers less distance. The seven iron covers fewer 10 to 20 spaces than the six iron, which covers 20 to 40 fewer distances than the five iron.

What Are 7 Irons Good For?

Seven irons are suitable for fairways, hillier fairways, and rough golf courses.

  • 7 Iron is suitable for longer approach shots within 130 – 210 yards. They are usually needed for a long par four-shot of a third of a par five-shot.
  • The seven iron club is suitable for low shots that are played to bounce and then roll towards the hole. Compared to the long iron, like 2 – 4 iron, they are easier to hit well. The seven iron is hardly ever replaced with other hybrids or iron clubs in the golf bag. The shaft of 7 iron is made of graphite which helps improve a player’s swing distance.
  • When playing the middle ground and between short iron, seven iron is the best option. This club is the best bet for beginners and intermediate golfers as it helps improve the average distance.

Is A 7 Iron Hard To Hit?

No, a 7 Iron may not be hard to hit. One of the most important tips is to hit from a stable base. The seven iron provides a reasonable swing distance and still has enough power to land the golf ball on the green. If a golfer has a challenge with a hole, there is a high probability that the seven iron can get the golfer out of it.

The seven iron golf club comes highly recommended. There might be an issue with high ting consistent yard distance, although the golfer becomes better with proper practice and consistency.

How Can I Improve My 7 Iron Distance?

Improving your 7 Iron distance will require perfect balance, a clear vision of how far you want the ball to go, the timing between the upper and lower body, and some confidence. It is vital to warm up the body and muscles before golfing, do some stretches and take regular breaks. All these will improve performance.

Having perfect body posture during the game has proven to improve swings. Being as flexible as possible, the joints on your wrists, your hips, the position of your legs, and your head are the significant reasons why most golfers don’t have reasonable distance when using the seven iron as it is not as heavy as other golf clubs. Hit the clubhead with full speed. Before this, make sure the iron shaft is on the same level as the ground and the tip of the iron head is pointing towards the sky.


Golfers generally use this club when there is less distance to cover, but it needs exact placement. The seven iron swing has a shorter backswing, three-quarters swing velocity, and an abbreviated follow-through. Amateurs and beginner golfers usually downswing the shot due to the early release of the wrist angles. To score a positive point, try hitting the ball similar to those of the mid irons adding a descending move to the lowest point of the swing. This strike is exceptional as it adds backspin to the strike and brings a natural element to the shot. However, an organized rhythm is essential in making the ball cover long distances. We should hit the ball in a rhythm instead of sheer power allowing the shot to be naturally long. To choose the right kind of club, the players need to identify the average distance. The 2 to 9 clubs are often selected by players planning to hit towards the green ranging from 120 to 190 yards. Players should know that low-numbered irons are used to play far-sighted shorts, whereas high numbered clubs, such as a seven iron, perform near or shorter shorts.

We can use the seven iron to strike the ball in different scenarios, such as

  • Under trees
  • Chipping
  • Golfing over trees
  • Reaching longer par 3’a

We can perform the strike under trees by hitting back to the fairway and scrambling to meet the par. Try to practice the punch shot underneath the tree, add loft to the club, and hit on the top of the tree. The par 3’a can be challenging and the hardest to score. The golfer should try to reach closer to the green. Seven iron offers compatibility to the amateurs because it provides trajectory and distance, making it very easy to learn. Most beginners may achieve hitting 100 yards with seven iron, especially men, and 60 yards by women. However, you can still improve the seven iron game by following basic guidelines.

  • 1. Play the ball by keeping it in the middle of the feet
  • 2. Push hands over the golf ball and shift weight on the front hip
  • 3. Twist hips during the swing and hit the ground, not the ball.
  • 4. Transfer the entire body weight to the front leg and face the target

The intermediate or expert golfers usually cover 135 yards and 75 yards by men and women. This means that these golfers have a good grip over the seven iron club and a faster clubhead speed than the others allowing them to cover more considerable distances. However, striking with seven iron shows discrepancy because of the inconsistent throws. Sometimes golfers will cover 150 yards and, in other situations, 120 yards. To become an expert golfer in 7 iron club, you need to

  • Avoid showing too much energy in the backswing and relax by reducing the backswing.
  • The weight should be kept on the front leg to become an expert, especially when placing the ball.
  • Pause the finish for three seconds before looking at the target line.

These tips will teach a rhythmic swing leading to consistent distance coverage.

Golfers can also chip with the help of 7 iron clubs.

  • Prepare your shot by using the seven iron.
  • Shift weight on the front legs and narrow the gap.
  • Take two mini-steps towards the golf gall and raise the club on the toe. This will be similar to putting a stroke.
  • We should make the swing using a controlled shoulder move but ensure the weight is not shifted.

The advanced golfers are expected to cover 165 yards and 140 yards by men and women. For PGA tour players, it is above 165 yards.

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