How Many Bicep Sets Should I Do Per Workout?

There are countless ways and strategies through which weight loss and stamina building have been made easier and convenient. State-of-the-art technology and well-organized machinery such as treadmills, elliptical running, walking, and jogging have made it easy for those unable to spend and dedicate quality time to exercise because of strenuous and nerve-wracking routines. In addition to that, some individuals prefer investing time in well-structured gyms to burn calories, maintain shape and carve muscles. Well-furnished gyms and health institutes have plenty of options for customers looking for a customized or tailored package. They can either choose a personal trainer or work out on the based own knowledge to attain their objective. We should formulate effective and safe workout habits that help individuals produce the most acceptable results. Getting a gym membership may sound intimidating and overwhelming initially, but getting guidance from health experts and trainers can allow you to make beneficial effects and reach the target.


Exercise is considered a magic pill in this age that provides plethoras ranging from curing mental illnesses to healing diseases such as cardiovascular issues, back pain, sciatica, and arthritis. Any minor increment in physical activity is not insignificant but can procure noticeable benefits for health. Moderate to intense thirty-minute activity may help provide mental agility, flexibility, and strength. However, those enthusiastic about their gym membership are required to overcome their fear of countless machines and gym equipment. Start with a fixed goal, and before entering the gym, you should have clear and concise instructions regarding the usage of types of machinery and the aimed result. The plan may vary for people as different fanatics enter the gym for different purposes. Some are looking to burn substantial calories, display their muscular body, and show strength, and some are just looking to have fun.

Bicep muscles shape and set the framework of the entire body and can make or break the first impression. Biceps lie along the front of the arm and are visible. They help in bending the elbow and raising the arms. Regular exercise focusing on the bicep workout. It can significantly increase the actual muscle definition and strength in bodybuilding; everyone wants to accentuate bicep muscles as they are the most impressive area to boost, considering their high prominence and ostentation. The well-known bicep movements are collectively called the mass builders that provide great stimulus across long and short heads. Specific exercises are more influential than the others, including standing barbell curl, one-arm preacher curl, incline dumbbell curl, and hammer curl. In addition to specific activities, the bicep size can be increased with the help of basic exercises, which will help create the type and shape of the biceps according to the genetics as they tend to stimulate a larger part of the cross-section of muscle.

How Many Bicep Sets Should I Do Per Workout?

The bicep sets per workout should be 2 to 6 sets for heavyweights and done for no longer than six reps. When it comes to bicep workouts, an individual should have a clear goal because this will determine how intense and challenging an activity is needed to perform on the biceps.

  • High reps with low weights can be ideal if you are working out and want to increase strength. Practices like this give the muscles more endurance and strength.
  • If you are looking into training the muscles, performing 1 to 3 sets using 12 to 20 reps can help strengthen and harden the muscles.
  • If you want to work out on muscles for aesthetic purposes and want the muscles to look attractive and well-formed, focusing on looks rather than strength, low reps and heavyweights are ideal.

How To Accentuate Bicep Muscles?

The answer is to work out, go to the gym, lift weights, and be consistent.  Improving the biceps takes many exercises and time investment before seeing the result. Biceps do not grow overnight. Going to the gym and doing bicep exercises promote bigger and stronger biceps. Some bicep weight exercises include:

  • Inclined dumbbell curl
  • Biceps curl
  • Hammer curl
  • Preacher curl
  • Concentration curl
  • Barbell curl

The exercises above, if done correctly, develop the biceps. If an individual does not like lifting weights but still wants to get a great bicep. Some homework can. Homeworks like push-ups, diamond push-ups, and pull-ups; is effective in giving biceps an excellent tone definition but are not effective as weight training but still perform the work in keeping the arms firm and fit.

Do Biceps Respond Better To High Reps?

Yes, biceps can respond better to high reps. Structuring a plan with the right strategy helps individuals achieve the desired goal when building a bicep.

Biceps commonly respond to high reps workout, but the volume you work out should not be stagnant.  Over time, the muscles will adjust to the weights being used and could require the user to increase the reps by using heavier weights to work out and test the user. This procedure is called the Progressive Overload. The Progressive overload is done to challenge the muscles to increase muscle endurance and strength. At this point, having higher reps can go well because the biceps will respond.


Individuals who are underweight can never have the desired biceps regardless of the total reps of bicep curls. To build bigger arms, you need to enhance the overall muscle mass by getting fit and more muscular with careful and meticulous diet selection. It would help if you started eating more to gain weight rather than burn momentous calories. The standard amount of calorie intake is 3000 Calories per day; however, underweight people with a fast metabolism will require more. Begin by transitioning the total number of meals from 3 to 4, including quick, lunch, dinner, and post-workout. In addition to that, strength and flexibility is the fundamental requirement for developing big muscles. Increase the squat exercises to 140 KG for 300 pounds and increase the reps of bench press 200 KGs for 220 pounds. Increasing the deadlift to 180 KG for 400 pounds will also significantly increase your muscle mass and make you stronger. No man has ever benefited from constant work with no breaks and intervals in between therefore giving your muscles ample time to rest is very important for muscle building. Our muscles are small, so some time off too. Keep track of the level of progress by measuring the size of the arms every two weeks. If there is no noticeable difference, you need professional guidance, or you may not be eating properly. Lastly, you can also incorporate squats and deadlifts to build arms compared to curls and triceps extensions.

Barbell curl

Barbell curl

The barbell curl is a classic and basic exercise for bicep builders. If performed appropriately, this exercise directly targets the biceps and can introduce size and strength to the muscle group. With the barbell curl, you ease the weight up the barbell by gripping it in both hands and lifting it up towards the chin. It can be performed in several ways. It is considered an appropriate movement to stimulate the muscle of this region. The primary role of the bicep is elbow flexion.

One-arm dumbbell preacher

One-arm dumbbell preacher
This exercise is considered a special kind of isolating movement. It targets the bicep area and adds completeness to the muscle’s lower portion, giving it stability and balance. We can efficiently perform this exercise by holding the dumbbell with an underhanded grip and locking the elbow at the same time firmly in an extended position on the bench. The dumbbell should be slowly curled up, touching the shoulder of the arm which is being involved.

Incline dumbbell curl

Incline dumbbell curl

If you want to increase your overall mass, an incline dumbbell curl is a proper exercise. During this curl, the biceps are involved in a maximal stretch if worked at a full range of motion. The total weight use is less than the bar curls, but if it is performed rightly and the position and form are kept appropriately, it will give excellent results with an accentuated pump.

Lastly, avoid overtraining and overworking the biceps as consistent additional work may inhibit the growth of the biceps properly. The maximum level of specific bicep curls or for any given workout would be ideal to prevent overtraining the muscle. The shape of the bicep group is dependent on the genetic blueprint and special movements therefore it is essential to keep track of the size and the shape and automatically follow.

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