How Does a ProForm Treadmill Work?

Staying active, well-trained, and reaching the threshold of fitness level can be challenging and intimidating in this era. With the advent of technological devices, our lifestyle has negatively transitioned towards monotony, where people prefer staying indoors compared to going out for a walk. We can still conquer these challenges if methodical and well-structured schedules are configured, along with constant motivation. Well-resourced sports centers and luxurious health institutes may not be the answer for everyone. It is gradually becoming difficult to acquire a gym membership with lucrative businesses and establishments to stay fit. However, to remain robust and in shape, one does not need to have a high-paying gym membership as We can also achieve a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your home. With jam-packed schedules and never-ending work pressure, attending these facilities every day is not easy and convenient for everyone; because of these, different types of machinery and well-furnished equipment have been manufactured and invented to help individuals. Treadmills, ellipticals, and cycling machines offer the same benefits and health advantages as walking, running, and jogging outside. Moreover, state-of-the-art machinery is well structured to provide beneficial results and act as an alternative for long walks and runs.

ProForm Treadmill

A mini home gym consists of modern and revolutionary treadmill machines. It is an excellent investment for those who cannot visit gyms because of their problematic office hours and endless work routine. These machines are, however, a bit costly. Still, they provide never-ending options for the users. They can provide detailed imagery of walking and running and helps you in jogging even with a customized level of inclination. Before purchasing a good treadmill, it is essential to do a meticulous check on budget, space, number of people using the machine, usage, and space. Despite the elevated prices of treadmills, you can still get your hands on the Proform 390Pi treadmill, which falls under the low to mid-range budget category and is ideal for those looking for a fantastic machine but within an affordable range. Proform treadmill has a positive customer base as they offer high-tech facilities and functions with a reasonable range. The 390Pi model of ProForm was manufactured in 2001 and is still popular. Different ProForm types of machinery were labeled under $650 to $2500.

ProForm treadmills are manufactured by the world’s leading and renowned gym equipment manufacturer, Icon Health and Fitness, Utah-based. In terms of features, all the ProForm treadmills models are characterized handsomely compared to the other replacements. NordicTrack is known for its fierce competition, which is also taking the lead in the treadmill market and retained by Icon. These treadmill categories offer the exact mechanism of essential components and fundamental features. They are well equipped with an HD touchscreen and have the ability of Bluetooth speakers. The ProForm treadmills are also settled with iFit ready technology similar to the other Icon-based treadmills and offer valuable and constructive customized programs to keep the users motivated.

How Does A ProForm Treadmill Work? 

To use a ProForm Treadmill:

  • Press the “Speed” button, indicated with a triangle pointing up. Step onto the moving belt and walk while holding on to the handrails. An individual can begin a workout by pressing the start button. This can also be accomplished by using the increase speed button. Keep your hands on the railings as you begin to run, and then let go.
  • By pressing the “Speed Up” or “Speed Down” buttons, it helps to increase or decrease the treadmill’s speed. The proform treadmill operates at different speeds depending on a person’s workout plan.
  • On display, you may track your progress. As running continues, an individual can see the numbers change.
  • Hold on to the treadmill handrails and step onto the foot rails on either side of the belt. Use the “Stop/Reset” button to halt the treadmill belt when you’re ready to stop.
  • When done exercising, remove the safety key. This makes it harder for little toddlers to start the machine.

The ProForm 390Pi treadmills are designed for domestic use allowing maximum users to be 250 pounds. One of the exciting features of this treadmill is that it is easily foldable, which makes it exceptionally user-friendly and a great way to save space. It can be easily placed in narrow places or on floor space and packed when not used. The console is featured with the basic setup with the elements of speed regulation and inclines controls along with two small displays. Moreover, the 390Pi console displays personal information about the workout performed, such as the total distance covered, the time elapsed, the current speed, and a general idea of calories burned. The settings can be easily adjusted significantly speed control and power incline with a touch of a single button available on the console. The 390Pi comes with a warranty for 90 days. This model is currently not available on the market, so the guarantee is expected to expire for any model you purchase. In terms of maintenance, there is a manageable and accessible manual available with the model. The manual provides information regarding the walking belt and how it is lubricated during the manufacturing process in the factories with the high-performance lubricant. It also clearly cautions the users that We should not apply silicone spray or any other substance to the walking area or belt. The only maintenance that the users require is to keep a constant check on the tension present on the walking belt and keep reviewing the treadmill for any loose screws or nuts that made pose a danger during the use of the machine. Regarding the availability of the 390Pi treadmill, the model is not available as a new product; however, you can still purchase it secondhand or on online platforms.

Do ProForm Treadmills Have Built-In Workouts?

Yes, ProForm treadmills have a workout built-in. ProForm treadmills offer a variety of features like HD touch screens, Bluetooth speakers, iFit compatibility, and other features to keep you motivated.

Each treadmill comes with iFit, a subscription program that connects your treadmill to virtual outdoor training via Google Maps and HD workouts conducted by celebrity personal trainers in fitness studios worldwide. Many of these devices feature a subscription as part of the package. All ProForm treadmills can automatically incline or decline, providing you with various workout programming possibilities.

How Do I Connect My Bluetooth To My ProForm Treadmill?

To connect a Bluetooth-enabled device to your ProForm treadmill, you may:

  • Turn on your machine, and choose a workout from the iFit workout library.” Start workout” will appear. Next, click the “Connect To Bluetooth Headphones” button.
  • Next to the volume slider, or the cool-down screen, tap the “Connect to headphones” button on the warm-up screen at the pause screen.
  • Ensure the headphones are on and in pairing mode before selecting the model from the on-screen list. The Bluetooth compatibility update has been connected to all iFit-enabled devices if the machine is set to update automatically. Members who chose manual updates will only need to ensure they have the most recent version of iFit to enjoy the Bluetooth features.
  • Then you may go on with your exercise after pairing and connecting a Bluetooth-enabled device to the treadmill.


More than one ProForm treadmill series rolled out by Icon is currently available on the market. The ProSeries is labeled and categorized as the industry-leading interactive fitness model by ProForm. In addition to that, there is another exciting invention known as Carbon Series, which is modernized and reasonably priced to meet the average fitness enthusiast’s needs. Lastly, there is the City Series which has the cheapest treadmills available.

Pro series

If you are looking for a highly innovative and standard model by the ProForm industry, this is the right choice. There are three treadmills for 2020 under this category, appropriate for runners and light walkers. The motor capacity for this category falls under 3.25CHP on the smart pro-2000 to 4 CHP on the 9000 model. They have display units ranging from 60 inches to 20 inches and 60 inches to 22 inches tracks. They are incredibly spacious, high tech, and can power incline or decline from -3 to 15%, especially on the 9000 model, while others go up to 12% in terms of angle. One of the features of this category is a bright 10-inch HD touchscreen which is instilled with iFit technology making it highly competitive in the market.

Carbon series

The carbon series is slightly less computerized than the ProSeries; however, they are still leading in terms of price to performance ratio and efficiency. They have a 20-inch to 55-inch track on an incline threshold from 0 to 10%. There are two different models in the carbon series, including carbon T7 and carbon T10. The former model has a 2.6 CHP motor which is excellent for light walkers and runners, whereas a 2.75CHP engine highly powers the latter. This category has treadmills with extra horsepower, and with the availability of a 7-inch high contrast display, users can easily enjoy their walking and running routine. In the T10 model, the screen size is 10 inches; despite this, both machines can bear a weight of up to 300 pounds.

City series

This model has not featured a built-in brilliant HD touchscreen, but it comes with a built-in tablet holder. It is available at $799 and has a one-year family membership warranty with the availability of iFit priced at $486. It has a 1.6 CHP motor, and the walking track is about 17.5 inches to 45 inches, making it ideal for walking and light jogging. The speed has a threshold of 8mph, and the belt will get easily damaged if a proper maintenance routine is not followed and the machine is exposed to intensive training. In addition to that, it has an easy folding design which makes it a perfect space saver. It has a maximum weight-bearing of 250 pounds and offers ten years on the frame with one year warranty for parts and labor.

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