How Can I Improve My Table Tennis Fast?

Activities practiced for recreational and professional purposes are a great way to improve overall well-being. Whether pursued fun or leisure, sports can be an ultimate form of package ensuring pleasure and a healthier lifestyle. Researchers and experts claim that over a third of total diseases and health pressures can be relieved and prevented by incorporating physical activity, significantly tackling modifiable risk factors. The sedentary lifestyle leads to poor health outcomes that can be controlled and regulated by routinely exercising or dedicating an intelligent portion of an hour to sports. Table tennis, similar to lawn tennis and played using a lightweight hollow ball and paddles on a flat table, can also be a practical choice for light physical activity. If you are avoiding exertion, then acquiring essential table tennis tips and strategies may help serve the purpose of fun and an inactive lifestyle.

backhand-loop in Table Tennis

To play better table tennis:

  • Place your feet at an angle. This is very important for a player, by angling your feet the right way allows the chance of hitting the ball at the right spot. The feet should be placed in a diagonal position because the standing position of a player can make a huge difference, as footwork is essential in the game of tennis.
  • The eating habits of the player should be controlled. Players are advised to eat an hour before the game and eat immediately after playing a game. Players should eat fewer carbohydrates and more protein.
  • The SSR rule is essential. SSR stands for short, sharp, and rest. Exercises such as bike rides or running can help you be better at tennis. The SSR rule guides the player on the court, knowing when to rest and when to go hard.
  • Try to fix your eyes on the ball, not the direction you want it to go.
  • Making a C shape while serving is very much necessary. A player starts from the top and curves down. A C-shape guide you to make a good game and is the easiest way to achieve a good match.
  • Gripping the racket too hard is the most common mistake players make. The racket should be held tightly and not too hard. Having the racket halfway or three-quarters down makes players’ swing less effective.

How Can I Improve My Table Tennis Fast?

The fastest way to improve table tennis techniques is to improve body position and movement. If you develop proper squat during table tennis and make appropriate body and legs movement, you can drastically enhance your table tennis flick.

table tennis body and legs

It is a common misconception that only your hands are involved while playing a sport or a gameā€”the entire game results from the codependence of hands, feet, body movements, and mental capacity. To win the Ping-Pong game, competitors should be well prepared in a suitable ready position that is balanced and grants equilibrium. If the body is well prepared, you can instantly react and move in any direction, especially if the opponent throws the ball. An excellent stable position is required during the service and between the strokes. Move in the ball’s movement with your complete body using your feet. This will grant you a sturdy balance to stroke the ball comfortably. Your shoulders and hips should play a role while dating backward, making a backswing as you shift into the forehand stroke. When the ball is about to be hit forward, the hands, hips, and body should also rotate forward, which will make you glide smoothly. Incorporating all of your body parts will transfer the entire body’s weight from the back of the foot to the front, giving you more strength for the stroke.

proper squat during table tennis

The foot movement also plays an integral role in securing you a win in the game. Whether lawn tennis or table tennis, the players’ footwork should be improved, allowing them to move instantly to receive a shot. Dedicate your time for footwork movement by going through different exercises and footwork drills through which you can begin the practice session and incorporate it in the warm-up.

What Are The 10 Basic Skills In Playing Table Tennis?

The ten basic skills in playing table tennis.

  • The Forehand flick
  • The Backhand flick
  • Forehand pendulum serve
  • Backhand side- spinserve
  • Forehand fast serve
  • Forehand drive technique
  • Forehand push and backhand push
  • Backhand topspin close to the table
  • Backhand loop the underspin ball
  • Forehand attack the semi-long ball

How Do You Keep Points In Table Tennis?

A player should keep the ball longer than an opponent to keep the points in ping pong. The player wins a point when the opponent cannot hit the ball over the net and to the other side of the table. The first player to win eleven points and at least two points ahead of his opponent has the win. If the two teams score ten points, the winner will be the first team that can score two points early.


Table tennis is one of the most popular indoor sports played worldwide. It has millions of active players and unlimited table tennis associations dealing with competitive players. It is popular because we can enjoy it despite age or physical attributes as this game accommodates every individual who is young, old, or wheelchair-bound. Two or four players play the games using plastic balls through rackets made of wood and covered in rubber. The game’s objective is to acquire 11 points before the opponent, with each player getting two serves. The lightweight ball travels back and forth across the net by the players. This game can be high-speed and require immediate decisions and reactions in which the players need to be fully skillful.

Improve your grip

The foremost strategy is to improve and solidify the grip of your paddle. The way players hold the ping pong paddle determines the quality of the entire game and even the results. The players should be well acquainted with the body mechanics of the ping pong grip as the correct position increases precision and control of the ball and generates spin during the game.

table tennis grip

Table tennis has no standard grip as players can prefer diffident grips according to their convenience level. Different players have different playing styles, so it is essential to pick a single class and practice through it. Beginners are expected to use the shake handgrip, significantly improving after practice sessions. Participants are advised to choose and train based on a particular group initially, as transitioning to a different grip later can be tricky and result in poor body mechanics.

Work on the serve

The serving of the ball is probably the easiest part where players can acquire scores and maintain an upper hand if the ball is served correctly. Players have complete control over the ball during the serving stage and can gain win points quickly. As a beginner, players can only focus on a single way to serve rather than multiple acting styles, which may further lead to confusion. The players should throw the ball into the air at least 6 inches with an open palm so that nobody is parting the ball. Advanced players use medium-long, deep, short, down-the-line, pure spin, and pure speed. Serves taken to the elbow increase the competition as the opponent must reach quickly, which usually fails to go instantly, securing you a point. Before serving, it is imperative to be acquainted with the rules of doing to avoid getting fault points during the game.

Master the spin

The players should carefully analyze the strokes and spin on the ball thrown by the opponent. The players should keep an eye on the contact ball with the racket as it determines the next move. The ability to execute the spin shot determines the competition in table tennis. Spin is an advanced technique; to retrieve it, the players should know the grip, strokes, and basic serve. There are three levels of spin.

  • Topspin
  • Backspin
  • SidespiPlPlayersersed with each type of sp to win the game. If these are ex to win the game cute rightly, you can gain a point.


Work on low and deep returns

During the practice session, The players should be taught to ensure that the ball is lower over the net and not too high. Additionally, the ball should be deep into the opposite side of the table, securing a point. The pair should strategize the move by throwing the ball closer and deeper to the net, giving the opponent less time and less angle to obtain a point. The challenger would have less gap and angle to return the shot with a deep throw. It also reduces the number of options to produce the ball.


Lastly, it is no doubt that practice makes a man perfect. Dedicate a large portion of your day to practice for the game even more than you compete. Concentrate and work on aspects creating hindrances in the way of success and examine them individually. The objective should be to win the game and enhance skills and tactics by analyzing each practice match. Try to videotape your practice sessions to evaluate your weaker points.

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