Is Ticketmaster the Only Place to Buy Tickets?

Ticketmaster, one of the most well-known and influential ticket-selling platforms, has often been seen as the de facto source for concert tickets, theater shows, sporting events, and more. However, it is not the only place to buy tickets, and with the proliferation of the internet and digital platforms, there are now more alternatives than ever. This article explores these alternatives and sheds light on how they differ from and compare with Ticketmaster.


Is Ticketmaster the Only Place to Buy Tickets?

Ticketmaster is not the only place to buy tickets. Here are several alternative platforms, each with their unique features and offerings:

  1. An extensive range of services and events, from sports to concerts and theater. Particularly known for its ProVenue ticketing system. (
  2. See Tickets: Offers many events, including concerts, festivals, and theater performances. They also offer a unique “Fan-Share” tool for fans to promote events. (
  3. Eventbrite is a unique platform that allows for ticket purchasing and creation, making it ideal for community-focused and less mainstream events. (
  4. Twickets: A fan-to-fan ticket resale platform where tickets can be sold at no more than their original face value. Provides an ethical alternative in the ticket resale market. (
  5. StubHub: A popular secondary ticket marketplace owned by Viagogo where ticket holders can resell tickets. Pricing often depends on supply and demand. (
  6. Viagogo: A global secondary ticket marketplace allowing buying and selling of tickets to various events. (
  7. Dice: A mobile-first ticketing platform providing a curated list of events and direct ticket purchases via its user-friendly app. (

These alternatives to Ticketmaster present different strengths and niches within the ticketing market, providing consumers with more options when looking for event tickets.

Established in 1995, is a reliable and well-known online ticket provider offering extensive services. The platform is widely recognized for its ProVenue ticketing system, an innovative, fully customizable solution that helps venues and event organizers manage ticket sales efficiently.

As an alternative to Ticketmaster, provides an easy-to-use, customer-friendly platform with various events, including sports, concerts, theater, and family events. Its unique selling proposition is the technology it provides to venues and event organizers, which helps them foster direct relationships with consumers.

See Tickets

See Tickets, originating from the UK and now operating in the US, is one of the significant Ticketmaster alternatives. It’s recognized for selling tickets for various events, including concerts, festivals, comedy shows, theater performances, and more.

The platform offers services similar to Ticketmaster, with additional features such as “Fan-Share,” a unique tool that allows fans to become ticket ambassadors for their favorite events. The ambassadors earn points for every ticket they sell, which can be redeemed for rewards. This fan-centered approach has helped See Tickets carve out a unique niche in the market.


Eventbrite is a unique platform as it allows you to purchase tickets for various events and create your events. It is a global self-service ticketing platform and event management solution that caters to events ranging from small, intimate gatherings to large music festivals.

Eventbrite’s ease of use, free event posting, and extensive suite of tools for event organizers have made it a go-to platform for many event creators. The platform’s mobile app lets users discover local events, making it an excellent alternative for more community-focused gatherings and less mainstream events.


Twickets distinguishes itself from other ticket platforms by taking a stand against ticket scalping. It operates as a fan-to-fan ticket resale platform where fans can sell their event tickets to other fans at no more than the original face value. It’s a refreshing alternative to other secondary market platforms where prices can skyrocket based on demand.

While Twickets doesn’t offer the same extensive inventory as Ticketmaster, it is essential to note that it provides a consumer-friendly, ethical alternative in the often controversial ticket resale market.


StubHub is one of the most popular secondary ticket marketplaces. Owned by Viagogo, it provides a platform where ticket holders can resell their tickets, often at a price determined by supply and demand. It covers many events, including sports, theater, and concerts.

While StubHub can be an excellent place to find tickets that have sold out on primary ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, it’s essential to know that prices can be much higher, particularly for high-demand events. However, StubHub’s robust consumer protection policies, including a guarantee on all tickets, make it a reliable platform for consumers.


Viagogo, like StubHub, is a secondary ticket marketplace that operates globally. It allows users to buy and sell tickets for a broad array of events, even when they are sold out. Viagogo guarantees every ticket sold, ensuring they arrive in time for the event and are valid for entry.

However, Viagogo and other secondary marketplaces have been criticized for enabling ticket scalping, with prices often soaring well above the original value. Consumers should tread carefully and consider the ethical implications of buying from such platforms.


Dice is a mobile-first ticketing platform that has made a name for itself with a user-friendly design and a strict no-touting policy. Dice provides a curated list of events, from sports events and festivals to club nights, and allows users to search for and buy tickets directly from the app.

One of Dice’s standout features is the “Waiting List,” where sold-out shows can be made available if someone else can’t go. If a ticket holder cannot attend an event, they can return their ticket to Dice, which then offers the ticket to someone on the waiting list, ensuring the ticket is resold at face value.

In conclusion, while Ticketmaster is a major player in the ticketing industry, several alternative platforms provide services that cater to different needs and preferences. Whether it’s the technological innovation of, the fan-based marketing of See Tickets, the event creation services of Eventbrite, the ethical reselling model of Twickets, the extensive secondary marketplaces of StubHub and Viagogo, or the mobile-focused platform of Dice, consumers have a multitude of options when it comes to buying sports tickets.

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