How Many Calories Does Beat Saber Burn?

As the digital age has advanced, it has reshaped various aspects of our daily lives, including leisure, entertainment, and physical fitness. The popular virtual reality (VR) game Beat Saber is an extraordinary example of this blend. An exciting game that infuses music, rhythm, and motion, Beat Saber is not just an enjoyable pastime but has also emerged as an unconventional yet effective fitness regime. This article explores the ins and outs of Beat Saber as an exercise routine.

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The Basics of Beat Saber

Before we delve into how Beat Saber serves as an exercise, let’s briefly explain the game. Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game developed and published by Beat Games. In the game, the player uses two handheld controllers to slash through blocks representing musical beats with a pair of glowing sabers. Each block corresponds to a beat in the soundtrack, and its direction indicates which way you need to slash. The more accurate and timely your slashes are, the higher your score.

In addition to providing entertainment, Beat Saber engages players physically, demanding constant movement and coordination. It’s an engaging, immersive experience that can often make you forget you’re exercising, which is a primary reason for its rising popularity as a fitness tool.

Beat Saber and Physical Exercise

Now, how does Beat Saber translate into physical exercise? To answer that, we must look at the physical aspects of playing the game.

  1. Cardiovascular Fitness: With fast-paced music and an onslaught of beats, players constantly move. You are slashing, ducking, and dodging to hit all the blocks and avoid game obstacles. The game inherently elevates your heart rate and encourages rhythmic movement, becoming a fun cardio workout that can help increase stamina.
  2. Muscular Endurance and Strength: The continuous slashing and arm movements provide a substantial workout for your upper body, especially your arms, and shoulders. On higher difficulty levels, the speed and complexity of the game can be comparable to a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) session. Regular play can lead to improved muscular endurance and strength.
  3. Agility and Flexibility: Beat Saber promotes high body awareness and coordination. The game requires you to react quickly to the incoming beats, and you’ll often find yourself in positions that challenge your balance and flexibility. As a result, players can experience improved agility and flexibility over time.
  4. Caloric Burn: The constant motion and high-energy movements involved in the game can lead to a significant calorie burn. A Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise study compared the caloric expenditure of several VR games to traditional physical activities. They found that playing Beat Saber can burn as many calories per minute as playing tennis.

How Many Calories Does Beat Saber Burn?

According to Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise research, Beat Saber burns between 8.57 and 9.86 calories per minute. This means that for a typical 30-minute session of Beat Saber, you could burn approximately 250 calories.

One of the striking aspects of Beat Saber as a fitness tool is its ability to burn calories, making it a compelling game for those seeking weight management or weight loss goals. Due to its immersive and energetic nature, it’s possible to burn many calories while playing the game.

This caloric burn rate can vary depending on a variety of factors. These factors include your body weight, metabolic rate, the intensity at which you play the game, the difficulty level you select, and the amount of body movement you incorporate into your gameplay.

For instance, if you’re playing on a higher difficulty level, moving your whole body, and incorporating many leg movements (such as ducking and dodging), you’re likely to burn calories on the higher end of the range. On the other hand, if you’re playing on a more manageable level and moving primarily your arms, you might burn calories on the lower end of the range.

While 250 calories for a 30-minute session is a decent burn rate, it’s worth noting that Beat Saber should not replace a comprehensive fitness regime but can be a practical component of a balanced, varied exercise routine. However, it has the added advantage of being an entertaining and immersive way to exercise, making it a more sustainable choice for those struggling with traditional exercise motivation.

In conclusion, Beat Saber can contribute to your physical fitness, offering an enjoyable way to burn calories and maintain or lose weight. As with any exercise, consistency is critical. The more frequently you play, the more calories you’ll burn over time, contributing to your overall fitness and health goals.

The Psychological Aspect of Beat Saber

The benefits of Beat Saber are not limited to physical ones; it also has a significant psychological impact that contributes to its effectiveness as an exercise. The immersive VR environment lets you focus entirely on the game, almost making you forget you’re exercising. This diversion is highly beneficial for people who struggle with the motivation to exercise or find traditional exercise boring.

Like other video games, Beat Saber provides immediate feedback and gratification through its scoring system. As you improve, you unlock more challenging levels, creating a sense of achievement that can motivate you to keep going. Combining music, rhythm, and competition can lead to a state of flow — complete absorption in an activity that increases enjoyment and performance.

Customizing Beat Saber for Your Fitness Goals

The beauty of Beat Saber as an exercise lies in its flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a light, fun workout or a more intense session, you can customize the game to fit your needs. Adjusting the difficulty level, speed, and music type allows you to design a Beat Saber routine that aligns with your fitness goals. Moreover, adding mods (modifications) from the gaming community introduces new songs, features, and even full workout routines to keep your experience fresh and challenging.


As with any exercise regime, it is starting slow, gradually increasing the intensity, and listening to your body when using Beat Saber as a fitness tool are essential. While it might not replace traditional forms of fitness, it offers an exciting alternative, particularly for those who struggle to maintain consistency with traditional exercise or are looking for ways to make their workout routines more enjoyable.

Beat Saber is an exciting development in fitness, combining the immersive and engaging elements of virtual reality gaming with the physical demands of high-energy movement. It is a prime example of how technological advancements can transform traditional domains, opening up new opportunities for maintaining physical health in this rapidly evolving digital world. Its rising popularity is a testament to its effectiveness and might be the dawn of a new era of digital fitness.

The number of calories burned can vary based on several factors, including the intensity of gameplay, the player’s body weight, metabolic rate, and overall movement. The difficulty level chosen and the effort put into the game will also play a significant role in caloric expenditure.

While Beat Saber offers a notable caloric burn, it should not be considered a complete replacement for a well-rounded fitness routine. However, it is an excellent addition to an existing regimen or a fantastic starting point for those looking to become more physically active.

The beauty of Beat Saber lies in its ability to make exercise fun and immersive. With its substantial calorie burn, it’s not just a game but a productive part of a healthy, active lifestyle. By making exercise an enjoyable experience, Beat Saber can help individuals maintain consistency, which is often the most challenging part of staying fit and healthy.

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